Breakups & Betrayal Julius Cowdrey Bares All With A Double Release

Recognise the name? Julius Cowdrey is a famed TV Star turned singer/songwriter from Kent, England. He is most well known for his role as one of the main performers in award-winning reality TV Series ‘Made in Chelsea’.

Despite coming from a sports orientated background, with both his father and grandfather being captain of the England cricket team, Julius always had a natural talent for music from a young age a pursued this through joining his school choir and performing in concerts.

Cowdrey left the popular British series to finally focus on his music and make a name for himself as an artist.

Something we notice about Cowdrey from the get-go, is his ability to unapologetically wear his heart on his sleeve. This is something which is prevalent throughout ‘If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You’ and ‘Better Day’. Both tracks are tales of love and emotional loss, communicating a poignant moment time in Cowdrey’s life.

Something I noticed in both tracks was how oddly upbeat and positive they were, contradicting the content of the lyrics which describe being let down by those you love.

‘If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You’ is a heartbreak song, which also eludes to the hardships of the music industry. It is an emotional rollercoaster of a piece, bringing together the two heartbreaks as one in a somewhat uplifting manner. The percussion really makes the piece, working well to make a catchy, toe-tapping beat.

‘Better Day’ , inspired by an ex, delivered honesty becoming a relatable track to anybody who has ever been betrayed by a partner or been cheated on. This track, while still featuring positive tones, is a lot more delicate, mirroring the delicacy of the situation Cowdrey was thrown into. This piece will send you into an electro-pop heaven, despite the piano, with synths layered on top of one another. It is a compelling track to add to the playlist.

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