Maisie Bourke Unveils New Single ‘Don’t Leave Me Without Your Love’

London based singer/songwriter Maisie Bourke unveils her single ‘Don’t Leave Me Without Your Love’, taken from her new EP ‘Act Your Age’. Having sung and produced songs since she was 11, it has been a rollercoaster only going up for the young musician. It is clear from the first few subtle tones of the piece that Maisie has a remarkable talent.

Her new EP is all about the topic of growing up and the fear that overcomes a person when entering adulthood, and from this moment on we immediately relate to Maisie. Every young person knows the incomprehensible feeling of realising they are no longer a teenager and life just may get a bit scarier, but it is also super exciting at the same time.

The most interesting aspect of the song is the complete mix of emotion and rhythm throughout, it never stays the same and constantly changes, just like moving from being a teenager on to adulthood.

The piece starts out slow and smooth and then we reach the course, immediately being transported to a dance floor where we can groove along to the beat. I would describe Maisie as an experimental artist, using differing tones and sounds to keep her pieces alive. For such a young artist, she has a soulful way of singing. Anyone first listening to Maisie would believe she had been singing for a lot longer due to the experience in her voice and her tendency to experiment with her music.

You can listen to her new single on Spotify

You can also follow Maisie on Twitter

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