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Kadeem Tyrell Is More Than a “Simple Man” New Music Video

It is hard to discuss the UK R&B scene without the mention of Kadeem Tyrell. He has honed his talent, proving he is more than just a ‘Simple Man’ with the latest music video, out now!

The sleek but simple visuals are a testimony to his previous releases, staying true to the stripped-back nature of Tyrell. But also giving us the 2000 OTT vibe, we have all been revisiting as of late, similar to that of Lamar and even Ne-Yo.

Singing directly into the camera, ultimately breaking the third wall between audience and musician, the video is extremely intimate between us and Tyrell but also provides the idea that the young musician is in his own untouchable space

The video is split into two scenes; a white background and a black, both featuring different styling but displaying two different essences on one screen.

Singing “I’m a simple man, but I need the love we once had”, displays the vulnerability of Kadeem Tyrell’s music, harmonising on a typical R&B beat but is also upbeat, making it the perfect May 17th song…

Born and raised in Battersea, South London, and raised in the Church community, his family is a testimony to musical talent. His mother and aunts were gospel singers and his father, a DJ. So, it was foreseeable that his love for music has grown into the urban yet soulful sound that it is today.

Since 2017, Kadeem Tyrell has been perfecting his sound and released his first project in 2018 which put him front and centre for many R&B fans. 2019 saw Tyrell release his most successful single ‘April 25th’, earning him an impressive 2.7 million streams, cementing his place in the UK music scene. The force of the relatively new musician has not been impacted by the pandemic though and instead has seen him taking part in campaigns for PUMA and Foot Patrol and was awarded The Momentum fund by PRS to put towards his HIGHLY anticipated project, releasing this year!

Be sure to keep updated with Kadeem Tyrell by following him on his socials!

Watch “Simple Man” by Kadeem Tyrell:

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