Kae Tempest

Kae Tempest Provides a Powerful Sentiment on ‘Love Harder’

Kae Tempest, the Ted Hughes award-winning poet, releases ‘Love Harder‘ ahead of their latest EP ‘Nice Idea’. The project comes out on Record Store Day which is April 22nd this year. 

A half-spoken word, half-hip-hop cut this is the second track released from the project. The EP was recorded over five days during a break from touring and was produced by Dan Carey

The single came out alongside a video that mixes visuals of Kae (we can assume) writing alongside melting film and Vaporwave-like text flashing across the screen. The lyrics are a reply to anti-trans bills that are appearing across the Western world. Kae states ‘If my existence threatens your safety, You need a little sweetness in your bowl sugar you’re too savory’.

Kae Tempest is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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