Kat Saul’s Latest Single is More than “Alright”

Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based Kat Saul returns with her latest single “Alright”, and it’s perfect for anyone looking for some variety in their pop music.

At just 22 years old, the singer-songwriter is already making a name for herself in the alt-pop scene. In 2019, she released her debut …From Unit 408, and she’s ready to continue her pop takeover with her sophomore EP made in the 90s. Her new single “Alright” is the perfect blend of traditional pop music we all know and love and that little something extra that is sure to make Saul stand out.

In ‘Alright,’ you can hear the paradox that Kat Saul has always lived in. After all, as a high school cheerleader, she also played guitar in a rock band. Her influences, which range from top 40 hits to early aughts rock, play loud and clear in the song. Hints of a Katy Perry-inspired sound blend with notes of a pop-rock anthem to create an entirely original sound.

“Alright” is another example of the singer crafting anthems for the anxious millennial, the ones trying to make the right decisions for themselves despite conflicting messages between their heart and their head. 

In the song, she sings about the experience as a young adult in today’s crazy world, especially when it comes to love and choosing the wrong person. ‘I don’t trust myself being emotional,’ she sings, and it’s more than just a little relatable, as we are all, probably now more than ever, trying not to be ruled by our emotions.

If you’re looking for music that has the ability to make you dance, headbang, and cry – maybe all at once – Kat Saul is definitely the singer for you.

To keep up with Kat Saul, check out her website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.

Watch the “Alright” Video Here:

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