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In Conversation With Ni/Co

Hailing from Nashville, the duo Ni/Co have taken their passion to perform and shared it with the world via their YouTube channel . Their incredible covers of classics by JoJo, Leona Lewis and Mariah Carey have allowed their fan base to grow by adding their unique twist to each song.

Despite the pandemic, the pair have not let it affect their creativity and music, with the release of many new singles such as ‘Legend’ and ‘On Your Wings’. With their music already being featured on many platforms such as advertisements and multiple playlists, they are keen to reach even more people with their sound.

“Our whole identity and everything about us is about unity. We just like wanna promote that. Not in a way where it’s so blatant where it’s like ‘come to gather’ but more so that everything we exude [and] the example that we want to set in our artistry and our music is that people are different and that’s okay. There’s beauty in that. We have a lot more in common with each other than we might realise”

We got the chance to speak to the pair about their musical processes, as well as their new singles. They open up about their beginnings in the music industry and favourite covers to date, as well as how moving from Nashville to Los Angeles helped them find the musical niche that suited them perfectly.

Watch our interview with Ni/Co here:

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