Keeya brings Back Summer Warmth With New EP – Paradise

Citing music as becoming her salvation, Keeya’s musical journey has been an emotional one. During a period of feeling alone and stuck in a dark place following her mother’s passing, she got offered a background singing spot with a local singer.

Eventually building up her own solo project, music is now more than a couple of chords and lyrics for the young singer, she explains:

“Music was the only thing that made me feel alive. It helped me figure out who I was at a time where I felt really lost.”

Reeling from the success of current single I Got You, Bahamian based singer, songwriter and visual artist Keeya has returned to bless us further with a four-track offering EP – Paradise’.

Keeya releases Paradise EP

1. Paradise

Paradise indeed, this track will instantly aid you in falsely believing you’re on a 2016 summer getaway.

Do not get me wrong, this is greatly welcomed. The virus has resulted in a number of casualties – numerous deaths, loneliness from strict social distancing guidelines, the clubs (oh God the clubs) so hearing a track that can soften the blow of 2020 is greatly appreciated despite how bittersweet it is. Soft soulful melodies with a production that can only be described as dripping in sun-drenched positivity, Paradise is a perfect opener.

Spotlight Lyric: Feel the bump bump from your baseline/whine some some from the waistline

2. Faded

Slowing down the tempo, Keeya dips her pen into the area of failed love.  

The step-sister of Summer Walker’s ‘Come Thru’, Faded is an ode to those who still refuse to delete that exes number. Ah, the beauty of returning to an ex for one more failed tryst. Perfectly illustrating the confused excitement of pursuing a relationship that has long reached its expiry date, Keeya’s lyrical game is what really shines on the track. A more traditional Trap R&B melodic beat, the instrumental switch up towards the end was a delightful one and reminiscent of Bryson Tiller’s Exchange/Don’t.

Spotlight Lyric: Its 15 minutes past 12 and I’m already having my sixth drink/I know this feeling too well

Keeya releases Paradise EP

3. Far Away 

 Keep That Wishy Washy Energy Away From Me is a lyric so perfect it has honestly become a prophecy for 2020:

 A person sitting too near to you? – Keep That Wishy Washy Energy Away From Me

The Government’s confusing Covid regulations? – Keep That Wishy Washy Energy Away From Me

Your mom annoying the heck out of you? Keep That Wishy Washy Energy Away From Me (Don’t say it out loud!)

Indubitably the highlight track of the EP, Keeya’s vocals literally glides like cream over the dancehall infused backdrop. A missed opportunity as

contender for Summer Anthem, Far Away should have been released four months ago. 

Spotlight Lyric : Keep That Wishy Washy Energy Away From Me

4. I Got You

Grief, Heartbreak, Loss of Community, we have reached the most intimate track from an already very intimate collection. 

I Got You is best described as a ‘love letter’ to both fans and Keeya herself. The Bahamian native brilliantly layers experiences that she and the people close to her have had, creating somewhat of an eclogue to her family, friends and community. 

Teaming up with producer Maestro The Baker (credits include Rihanna, Jay1, J Hus and Tiggs Da Author), the pair have expertly created a sweet R&B track that shimmers in the right amount of encouraging suggestions whilst maintaining its comforting nature.

 A year that can only be described as both mentally and physically destructive, I cannot express how needed it was to hear a track like this.

A perfect closing track to a perfect EP

Spotlight Lyric : Till we all go through/know that I got you/Cause we all go through/yeah we all go through

Listen to “Paradise” by Keeya here:

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