Teenage Sensation Hitha Returns with Inspirational New Track “We Will Last”

What were you doing when you were 15? Whatever it was, it probably didn’t involve writing, recording, and releasing another song (that’s right – having more than just one song under your belt). Well, that’s exactly what teenage sensation Hitha is doing right now with her latest single “We Will Last”.

Hitha’s foray into the music world began when she was just four years old. A child prodigy, the singer experimented with a variety of music, from Indian classical music to modern pop. Today, at only 15 years old, she’s an up-and-coming pop sensation on a mission to empower with her music.

With ‘We Will Last,’ Hitha has one main goal: to uplift and support her peers during such troubling times. From its lyrics to its beat, the track is easily motivational, and Hitha certainly hopes to move listeners.

‘I was inspired to write “We Will Last” when I realized that everyone needs support, someone or something to lean on,’ the singer revealed. ‘The lyrics are an encouraging message for all listeners to let them know that someone will always be there for them, some way and somehow.’

The title of the track alone is inspirational, providing a positive mantra, intending to encourage all listeners. Across the world, people of all ages are experiencing challenges they’ve never faced before, and sometimes all we need is someone telling us that it will be okay, that we will last.

This message is paired with an addictive beat. With the playful sounds of the piano in the background, it’s impossible to not feel a bit more optimistic after listening to the song. It’s a much-needed shot of bright energy during such dark times.

“We Will Last” is just one of several tracks that Hitha is using to bring awareness to societal issues. She has an entire album, titled We Are Who We Are, planned, and it will be filled with songs that tackle these pressing problems while also featuring beautiful music.

To keep up with Hitha, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

Listen to “We Will Last” by Hitha here:

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