Kes Share New Single, Liki Tiki Featuring J Perry [REVIEW]

Kes, Trinidad’s prince of groove brings us vibrant energetic sounds to their latest single ‘Liki Tiki.’

The single is the second song of 2022 for the band and will feature on their upcoming album that is set for release this, Summer. Kes is continuing to grow through experimenting with sounds that highlight many cultures to showcase just how wonderful they are and to celebrate them through music. The band continues to bring soca to the stage globally and has collaborated with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Major Lazer. They had their first major U.S television debut back in 2021 which has helped them to be successful along with gaining more fans.

‘Liki Tiki’ is full of different flavours and this makes the song unique and fresh. It is colourful, funky, and refreshing as fans will dance along to the groovy rhythms and infectious lyrics. This track makes me think of being on holiday sipping on a cocktail under the sun and just feeling calm and relaxed. also sense a hint of sass as Kes brings the party with some cheekiness and charm.

Kes frontman Kees Dieffenthaller. (Photo credit: Suicidal Shotz)

The track is full of passion and soul which makes us feel this track is from the heart and emphasises their fun-loving personality. The words are incredibly catchy as Kes uses light-hearted playful lyrics to express positivity and chilled-out vibes. This track has the power to instantly make you feel good and feel nothing but joy and happiness with no worries. I can see this song being one that gets us ready for the summer as the use of sweet yet sensual melodies and the cheery colourful beats.

Kes wants to bring a piece of home to his music to seek inspiration but also introduce us to different sounds from the range of instruments that make the song upbeat and to get us thinking of the good times ahead to help bring pure bliss into our lives that gets us connecting together with loved ones. The vocals on this track are silky smooth and incredibly rich, I could listen to this tune on repeat all day because it is truly remarkable and has an even balance of freshness, and is well-rooted from all over the world.

The meaning of the song is clear as it’s all about living life to the full, getting out there and doing things you love, and just enjoying every moment with no regrets or worries. Soak in that beautiful sunshine and cool off by the pool, be happy in yourself and create memories with people that you will cherish forever, summer comes and goes in an instant just like time does so have fun and let loose while you have the chance because you only live once.

Here at Industry Me we look forward to more infectious songs by Kes in the near future as they make me feel so happy and excited for the summer.

‘Liki’ Tiki’ is available to stream everywhere now.

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