Kevin Abstract Teases New Album with Latest Single ‘Madonna’

The Corpus Christi star Kevin Abstract recently released his fourth single of this year ‘Madonna’. This teased his newest project since the disbanding of his former project BROCKHAMPTON‘Blanket‘. The self-proclaimed boyband announced their split last year. However, since then many of the members have released their solo projects. In fact, former BROCKHAMPTON producer Romil Hemnani worked on this brand-new single, alongside Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnston. 

‘Madonna’ showcases the musical jack of all trades’ progression through his own style. Importantly recognised for his adventurous style and off-kilter themes within his music, Abstract cemented himself as a creative frontrunner through the brutal honesty in his lyrics. Additionally, this experimental track shows something new from the singer-songwriter, who uses his voice in new ways. Further leaning into this new style, the devoted artist has listed Sunny Day Real EstateModest Mouse, and Nirvana as some of his biggest inspirations on his upcoming record. While paired with the usual rap influences he looks up to, this single is well-rounded and true to everything Kevin Abstract is in his music.

The celebrity-named single focuses on the need to see something when you have been told you are not allowed to do so. To him, Madonna’s music and character were deemed dangerous and something he was made to shy away from. Ultimately leading him to delve into her art as he grew older and began making music himself. Of course, Madonna is one of the many musical icons that Kevin has taken an interest in, fans know of his appreciation for these stars through his different styles and even his common use of namedropping in many BROCKHAMPTON songs, such as ‘STAR‘. 

Equally to this new grungier track, ‘Blanket’, ‘Running Out’ and ‘What Should I Do?’ were released prior. As well as the brand new single, Kevin released a visual to accompany it named ‘OTTERPOP‘.

Luckily for us, this is only the start of a new Kevin Abstract era. Hopefully, we will see even more of his own style throughout his upcoming projects.

You can find Kevin Abstract on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can also read more news stories like this here and stream the album ‘Blanket‘ below.

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