#IMMusicMonday: Welcome To A Week In The Life of Khan Khalii in Pitsville!

Khan Khalii is an outspoken South African songstress well on her way to being an R&B/Pop sensation. Khan’s smooth vocals and brutally honest lyrics are the gateways to her inter-dimensional soul – as per ‘PITSVILLE: Lost In The Trap‘, produced by pH Raw X who also made a vocal cameo on the project. When discussing her vision as a musician, she said “As a young artist who battles with depression music has been a great tool to navigate and confront my negative thoughts. My mission is to heal the world through my music.” She further explained’ “I believe that if I can be vulnerable and share my thoughts and views without fear of being judged, it may just cause a ripple effect allowing others the freedom to do the same.”

Backstory Time:

Khan was born in Tongaat – a town that is 37 kilometers away from the beach city of Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal and was raised in Pretoria, Gauteng where her musical journey began. The rush of being part of a pre-school play production (where she was cast as the Archangel Gabriel) catapulted her into the pursuit of a path to performance. Before completely dedicating her time to her passion for the arts and enrolling into AFDA, she joined a cultural ensemble of song and dance called OVUWA at the University of Pretoria.

Khan Khalii is a two-part persona inspired by the strength and ingenuity of two very powerful women; Khan (meaning leader), a singer whose name was derived from the legendary queen Chaka Khan – who happens to be a favourite – and Khalii: a rapper whose name is derived from the Hindu Goddess of creativity, sexuality, and fearlessness Kali Maa. As a young musician who as battled with depression, the aforementioned icons are a source of guidance and solace on her journey. Khan’s somewhat ethereal hippy-trap sound is influenced by a multitude of genres and artists, from the likes of hip-hop, reggae, and house music to the likes of Mobb Deep, Lebo Mathosa and PARTYNEXTDOOR respectively.

“Don’t be ashamed of the things you used to do when you were in the pits, because when you were there, certain things [had] to happen to you [in order] for you to grow – so don’t be ashamed of your past and don’t hide.”Khan Khalii

The Breakdown:

Khan Khalii worked with the epic producer pH Raw X. She said that making her EP was a beautiful experience that she is grateful for. The pair immediately clicked on a creative wavelength, making a song on the first day that they met and worked together on the whole project.

1. Monday (Rather Be)

Inspired by the tragic surge of gender-based domestic violence in South Africa between 2017 & 2019, especially around universities, she grew paranoid about walking around alone and developed a great distrust for men. Opening with some mellow harmonies closely preceded by a hard beat drop and a powerful declaration, this track is the perfect intro to the gender-bending EP.

2. Tuesday (No One Else)

Ahh yes – toxic relationships: the land of sour milk and mold-coated honey, the place where people stay in fear of loneliness, ignoring the red flags. When I say that I’ve played this song every second day for the past two weeks, bro! Epitomizing a motto I’ve mentioned before (about dancing to the beat of our problems), this song deserves to be a Billboard Hot 100 Chart-topper!

3. Wednesday

This is the best day of the week. It is the commencement of the WTF period of the week and a day of reflection. Khan explained “This song is about reflecting on my life and forgiving myself for my mistakes. And the lyric “It’s all right” is God reminding me that he was listening and that I wasn’t alone in this world.” When poop flies fanwards and you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way out is up. Aluta continua.

4. Thursday (Location)

In an interview with LockerRoom Radio, Khan Khalii shared some insight into this song about dating expectations and expectations. She explained that the intro “Yes sir, I / It’s alright” is actually a play on the combination of some heartbreakers of her life in Johannesburg whose first name initials are S, R, and I. She further expanded on that; “everyone I met was either unsure of what they wanted or just playing around and I was tired of it! I wanted someone on my wavelength.“.

5. Friday (The Process)

Now this song is pretty special. It starts off sounding like a raw recording of a jam session, playing with the idea of a drum beat and some vocals. It then develops into the addition of shakers and funky synth keys that came straight out of the 70’s. It’s a track about the difficulties of accepting love after heartbreak and the effects of the past on new relationships. What an epic outro.


The singer/songwriter has had multiple performances and I had the opportunity to meet her (for like 3 seconds – I was starstruck okay! She’s freaking gorgeous) at a YAMS – You Are My Sunday’s live acoustic show at a cool little cafe in Maboneng, Johannesburg called Afro Bru, hosted by a lovely lady named Bridget. This project is definitely the beginning of a long and fruitful career for Miss Khan Khalii and we’re excited for what’s to come. Visuals perhaps?

Keep in touch with Khan on Instagram and leave us a cool comment down below. We’d love to know what you think.

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