Klaudia Keziah is a “Cold Woman” in Her Latest Single

Okay, ladies, raise your hand: have you ever been called “too emotional” just because you’re a woman? 

This is a stereotype as old as time. Women are portrayed as being clingy, dramatic, and tearful in their relationships (and just about every other aspect of their lives). Men, on the other hand? They’re cold, unattached and seemingly uncaring. 

Enter Klaudia Keziah’s new song. Fed up with these generalizations, “Cold Woman” flips those stereotypes on their heads.

In “Cold Woman,” Keziah sings “I’m a cold type of woman,” while the man in her life is the complete opposite. “You just want my time and attention,” she notes, adding that he also wants her “love and affection.”

But guess what? He’s not getting it. Why? Because instead of being the clingy, obsessed girlfriend who bends over backwards for her man, Klaudia Keziah opts for a different character.

“Cold Woman” tells the tale of an independent woman who takes on the characteristics that are usually held for men.

“Why is it cool for guys to do this all the time?” she asks, and it’s a good question. Why is it okay for men to act in this manner? Why is it okay for men to be cold and flippant? And why is there such an issue if a woman acts the same way? Why do we call her “cruel,” as “Cold Woman” points out, but men are just being men when they do it?

The music itself is cool, mimicking the attitude the “cold woman” it represents. It’s calm, chilling, and adds to the overall “cold” spirit of the lyrics. It’s not overdone; instead, it’s perfectly reserved, fitting for supposedly unemotional cold woman of the song.

Through “Cold Woman,” Keziah makes a statement that some people might be more afraid to make. Women do not owe any man their time and attention just because. Moreso, if they are “cold,” they probably have a reason. Keziah herself says, “The reality is most people become cold and put up walls because of the way they have been treated by others in the past.”

This is an important message for women everywhere. “Cold Woman” is a reminder for us all that women do not have to adhere to any outdated stereotypes and should not be expected to either. 

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