Maddy Newton Just Wants To ‘Say Sorry’

If you were lucky enough to be at her show last month, you would have heard an exclusive performance of Nashville pop singer Maddy Newton’s latest single electro pop track ‘Say sorry’.

The Tennessee based singer’s new song follows the single ‘You do it’, featuring thoughtful lyrics and the melodic sound that is changing the face of pop music, one note at a time.

‘Say sorry’ begins with a with broken chord melody played on an acoustic guitar, with little more than Newton’s vocal delicate vocals and reverb heavy adlibs. The simplicity of the verse creates the idea of the pop singer being alone with her thoughts. The rhythmic pop number explores themes of longing and wanting to turn back the hands of time, in order to right your wrongs. Speaking on the song Maddy Newton says

“Say Sorry is probably my favourite song yet, because it hits so close to home. It describes a strong feeling of wishing you could both just say “sorry” and go back to being good again.”

The pre-chorus features breathy harmonious echoes likely representative of the seemingly idealistic opportunity to apologise the singer is hoping for.

As a tale of growth, the chant like repetition of the phrase ‘Say sorry’ in the song’s chorus by what appears to be children, is perhaps an artful indication that in retrospect the reason for the breakup now feels very childish in the grand scheme of things.

Nashville pop music singer songwriter Maddy newton speaking on her new single say Sorry ‘Say Sorry’ is symbolic of a growth in attitude towards relationships as well as one in Newton’s career. The Nashville artist has spent almost a decade cementing her place as one of the forerunners of the pop music scene. Endeavouring to be remembered for her witty yet candid lyricism Maddy Newton has made it her mission to inspire the next generation of women coming up behind her.

“When I was little, young female artists gave me inspiration; someone to look up to and feel connected to. My mission is to be that, for somebody else. It’s taken me a long time to be confident in myself and my opinion. I want to encourage others to embrace what makes them unique.”

Newton has confirmed that there will be loads more shows in the coming months and also shared that a music video for ‘Say Sorry’ is in the works.

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