Laufey Finds Humanity on the Emotional Ballad ‘Goddess’

Laufey’s new song ‘Goddess’ explores the line between fame and reality. Coming off the back of her Grammy win for ‘Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album’ for her album ‘Bewitched’, the singer has had some time to reflect. This new single shines a light on the chaos of newfound fame. While a subject that could come across as privileged, the song comes across as deeply human. 

The record itself is a traditional ballad, with sparse piano and overlaid with her melancholic vocals carrying the song as it rises. “I’m a Goddess on stage // Human when we are alone.” Laufey embraces the story beyond what the album brought her. A bonus track that reflects on an LP feels circular. It tickles the part of the brain that enjoys The Shawshank Redemption. Moreover, she still keeps you at arm’s length, and her lyrics leave us to speculate. We as the audience, are not allowed to step past and know the identity of the song’s ‘Thirty-year-old target’, who she is directing this track at. 

There is something so genuine about the song, with the images so simple. Further to this, she says she is not ‘your Aphrodite’, and the track builds to a great crescendo. The choral section boosts her soft-spoken rage before ending on her singular voice. ‘I’m no goddess when I’m alone.’ Laufey knows that her stardom brings an image of perfection, and yet this record reinforces her humanity. 

A song with succinct storytelling, it is a single that feels like a bonus track should. It’s a reflection on her current state and her life after the album that brought it so much fame. It’s a personal and classic ballad, with velvety vocals building tension to an epic crescendo. Her soaring vocals make this a personal tale where you feel alongside the artist. For a record that is fundamentally about the disconnection between the private and the public sphere of a person, this does not come across as entitled. She does not wish for her glamour to fade, but to be looked at as human. In conclusion, to be known is the most human thing to wish for. 

Laufey is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can stream ‘Goddess’ below and read more news pieces here.

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