Lizzy McAlpine Teases New Album with Latest Single ‘I Guess’

Indie Queen Lizzy McAlpine has released her latest track, ‘I Guess’, right in time for sad girl spring.

In light of her upcoming album ‘Older’, which will be hitting streaming platforms on April 5th, McAlpine has treated fans to another teaser. In addition to releasing the title track in February as a single, she gave fans an idea of what’s to come on her anticipated third album. The radiant songwriter rose to fame when she started posting original songs online. Since then, she has cultivated a huge following. Much like artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Lizzy has a way with words that captivate her predominately teenage audience, giving them something to see themselves within.

‘I Guess’ tells the story of taking somebody home after a night out. Mixed-up feelings and contemplation flow through the song as if we were there watching Lizzy write it as it were happening. Along with the echoing, dreamlike vocals, you can’t help but get swept up by the incomparable musicians’ thoughts. While the song swells into a whirlpool of sounds and colours, listeners fall right into the feeling of dizzy affection.

There is no doubt that this new album will continue to showcase the sensational singers’ abilities, not only as a musician but as a songwriter. As a result of her time at Berklee College of Music and a viral tune about someone who ruined The 1975 for her, she really has become a jack of all trades in the way she writes. Altogether, there is much to look forward to on April 5th.

You can find Lizzy on Instagram, TikTok, and X. You can also find more articles like this here and stream the track below.

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