#IMMusicMonday: Lia Rye Numbs the Pain with New Single ‘Novacaine’

What were you doing when you were 15? More likely than not, your days consisted of reading textbooks and studying for exams. Lia Rye, on the other hand? Well, she’s a different story.

On January 3, Lia Rye did something many teenagers – and full-fledged adults – only dream of doing: she released a song, titled ‘Novacaine.’

‘Novacaine’ is Rye’s first single, and, judging on the track itself, it definitely won’t be her last. The South London-born singer-songwriter has crafted the perfect indie-pop ballad to jumpstart your year and make you think.

While the vast majority of teenagers are thinking about school and hanging out with their friends, Lia Rye has something darker on her mind in her debut. ‘Novacaine’ tells the tale of a runaway who, according to Rye, ‘is faced with all of the trials of being on the street, whilst finding a way to manage their inner pain.’

It’s a heavy topic – some might think too heavy for such a young artist – but Rye covers it beautifully.

The heaviness of the subject matter matches perfectly with the music. ‘Novacaine’ begins with the haunting sounds of the piano before being joined by Rye’s vocals and later more instruments. The song is slow, somber, and 

‘I’m running in my mind while you just keep holding me because you’re my novacaine, you ease the pain,’ sings Rye, and it’s heartbreaking. The lyrics and music blend together, creating a picture of pure sadness.

Lia Rye singer

Rye summed up the song simply, saying

“The song explores dependency and how someone can change their beliefs and morals to find healing, but in the end, they’re only left with pain.”

That pain can truly be felt in ‘Novacaine,’ especially when the song reaches its finale.  The swell of music towards to end of the track screams of the hurt the song’s subject must feel.

If ‘Novacaine’ is any indication, Lia Rye has a great future ahead of her in the music industry.

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