Jeffrey James Like Love

Exclusive Premiere: Jeffrey James Like Love Video

We’ve all spent a significant portion of our lives being conditioned to romanticise the idea of love, but what happens when you just don’t like it? That conundrum is the premise of Nashville pop singer Jeffrey James’s latest video “Like Love”. 

It is likely that fans of the NBC’s series Songland would have come across James’ mesmerising performance of his song “We Can Be Heroes” in the episode featuring Country music icon, Martina McBride. 

Continuing in that realm of raw emotion “Like Love”, co-written by Jeffrey James, Natalia Malo, and Luke Sego is about a relationship that unexpectedly comes to end, with one party’s rush to part ways only adding salt to the wound.  

“[When the idea came about] it reminded me specifically of a past relationship, where I was broken up with via DM while she was out of the country. Needless to say, I was blindsided! The further we got into the writing process; I knew that I wanted to have two versions of the song. A more stripped-down version for anyone who wants to just be sad and take the time with their feelings. And then an up-tempo version, for anyone who can relate, but wants to dance it all away.” James explains. 

Those fortunate enough to take in the East London EP earlier this year may sense striking similarities to “One and The Same”, with this new song’s poignant piano-driven melodies and the vulnerable falsetto throughout the hook. 

Jeffrey James Like Love

Trudging through the waters of unrequited love James takes a moment to process his feelings, piecing together his confusion about being the only one who wants to fight for the relationship; beautifully illustrated by the repetition of the refrain “We can work this out”. 

“Like Love” takes listeners on a journey from disbelief to inevitable acceptance, with its melancholic visuals simply featuring James, his vocals and a piano. 

Watch the “Like Love” video here: 

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