Liza Lets Go To Grow On New EP DONE IS DONE

Ethiopian Canadian R&B/Neo-Soul artist, Liza is back with her new EP DONE IS DONE, which follows the release of the single “Lansdowne“. The track gave listeners an idea of what else from the EP. It was is a brutally honest post-mortem on a relationship that didn’t work out, Liza reflects on how things went wrong and how she was blinded by a new romantic partner. Liza’s first single “Rolla” tells the story of the giddy stage of a new relationship and is continued with ‘DONE IS DONE’, which documented the painful end. Liza’s single vocal sits on nostalgic production from Toronto producer Akeel Henry, best known for his work with Jeremih, dvsn, and Ty Dolla $ign. 

Liza opens the EP with the track “Julianne Potter“, the subtle acoustic guitar intertwines smoothly with her soulful vocals. This presents a clear introduction to her and the clear narrative of the EP, beginning with the lyric “you’ll realise sooner than later” reminding listeners that they are not alone and should rise from the situation. The track “Rolla” gives you the confidence to move on from something that you thought you needed in your life. The bridge of the song switches and becomes more upbeat, the transition adds to the narrative and further provides another level of positive energy to move forward. The 32-second interlude “Till The Wheels Fall Off” breaks up the EP, hitting pause and giving the listeners the opportunity to reflect on the first set of lyrics and meanings just as you would a conversation with a friend. It provides the feeling of support from another person. “Lansdowne” is the next track, the lyrics “now you see me moving on, was tired of holding on” instantly jump out and the chorus really highlights Liza’s vocal particularly on the higher-pitched notes.

“Memorize feelings” is a powerful pick-me-up track with strong vocals that really leaves you feeling motivated. It’s the perfect song to get over that final stage of the relationship and move on to the next chapter. Rounding off the EP with a dramatic rain effect mixed with her passionate vocals “Done is Done” signifies the end of the journey. The overall EP will really have you searching deeper for your feelings with the expressive lyrics touching your own situation. 

Listen to “Done is Done” by Liza here:

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