Fall in Love with Yourself Again as Lorine Chia Debuts The Visuals For ‘Needed’

Looking for a light and lively song that explores the notion of falling in love? Then look no further than Lorine Chia and her addictive new single ‘Needed’.

The sultry opening beats and Lorines’s groovy adlibs set the tone for the song, with the lyrics ‘I always feel it, you are the one that I always needed’ effortlessly catchy and memorable.

Lorine’s soulful sound makes for exceptional easy listening and the tropical vibes a homage to her native West African roots. Born in Cameroon but brought up in Baltimore, Lorine has a widely varied culture of music to choose from.

The chorus ups the tone more and brings a more charismatic rhythm to the song, encouraging you to tap your feet and bop your head a little more to the beat. 

To come up with an awesome and unique beat is tricky these days with all the different types of music being made every day, but Lorine has definitely hit the nail on the head here with her flow. 

‘Needed’ is a song that reminds you that before you go falling for someone, you have to learn to find love for yourself and be happy in your own skin. It is a powerful message and a feel-good vibe to send to the audience of Lorine, who can groove along to the song while also knowing their own self-worth. 

Lorine’s personality shines through in this song and also in the music video dedicated to ‘Needed’, as she strolls through her apartment, rocking along to her song, enjoying wine and strawberries and overall just having a self-loving time.

This is a song that is completely full of relaxed feels and bubbly happiness, backed with a hypnotic beat and vocals that hook you in and make you want to hear more from Lorine Chia. 

Listen to the single ‘Needed’ across all streaming platforms and keep up to date with Lorine’s movements on social media to hear what she is planning next.

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