Madison Paris Releases Sultry New Single “Skin Good”

Smooth, sensual, and surprising tropical, “Skin Good,” the latest single from up-and-coming R&B songstress Madison Paris, is throwing around some serious summer vibes. 

Madison Paris got her start in the music industry two years ago and has been on the rise ever since. From a supporting slot for M.O. and a slew of releases, 2018 was a breakout year for her, and, luckily, she continues to be on a roll. If “Skin Good” is any indication, it won’t be long for before the British R&B singer becomes a household name. 

“Skin Good” gets your attention immediately, even before it starts to play. Its accompanying artwork features its singer lying on orange, dressed in orange, and wearing orange eyeshadow. The color is warm and inviting but intimate at the same time. Naturally, it matches the song perfectly because that same warm and intimate tone exists throughout.

“Skin Good” isn’t necessarily a love song, but it’s definitely about a summer romance. The mood is sultry, combined with its references to the summer months, and it certainly paints a picture. Coupled with the cover, the song tells the story of a woman desperate for her lover (or perhaps potential lover), Madison Paris sings “You’ve got that summertime glow and you know that I want some of you.”

There’s an urgency to the song, to its lyrics, and that’s what makes it so good. There’s clearly something about the summer, about the heat, that makes “Skin Good” feel so real.

Though the music itself – a melodic and soft R&B beat – is calming, the lyrics are not. The lyrics are desperate, a plea. The words are enticing. “Touch me in all of the right places, the right places, come find me,” she sings, and who can resist? 

With lyrics like that, it’s impossible to not feel something, anything, especially when they are coming from such a beautiful voice. Madison Paris’s voice is smooth and soft, silky even, adding to the track’s intimacy. 

“Don’t worry about the timing,” croons the songstress as she implores the object of her lust to stay, and as the song fades out, we are left in the dark. Did they both give in to the temptations, let their lust take over? It’s up to the listener’s imagination, leaving us with a hint of mystery. 

With summer nearly over, we all owe ourselves some more summer jams. From the music to the lyrics to the vocals, “Skin Good” is one of those, embodying the season completely.

To keep up with Madison Paris, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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