All roads led to the Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch Thursday evening for the long-awaited private screening of Lord of the Mics 8th instalment.

The atmosphere was buzzing while the bubbles.

While drinks flowed people waited patiently for the screening to begin.  It was impossible to miss familiar faces like Risky Roads, Funky Dee and even the nations sweetheart Grime Gran.

Lord of the mics volume 8 launch party

The man behind the operation Jammer, worked the room with pride – even going out of his way to greet everyone personally with a smile and a firm handshake!

You could feel his vibrant energy as well as his excitement but could anyone blame him.

When Lord of the Mics began nearly 20 years ago, it started out as a DVD box set but since its inception it changed the course of the London grime scene forever.

Jammer made a point to highlight the journey and importance LOTM in the beginning credits. LOTM1 set a high standard from the start, consistently bringing through great artists throughout years.

Let’s not forget it was the first LOTM which gave us the infamous clash between Wiley and Kano. It’s not surprising to see what both artists went on to achieve since then.

17 years later and the 8th installment of Lord of The Mics did not come to disappoint. It was clear that each artist did their homework and came to the clash well prepared. There were a total of 9 clashes that each came with three rounds and a few even had a bonus round.

The Clashes

  • TOMMY B Vs JAY0117

Not many artists have what it takes to stand tall in a lyrical clash. It requires great depth, creativity, fast thinking, rawness and passion. All of which I saw every artist display as they immersed themselves in battle. Nothing was off limits and while some artist hit below the belt, they managed to balance it out with great humor.

Exclusive screening lord of the mics at the curtain hotel

I think what I loved the most about the LOTM screening was the reactions of the audience during the clashes.

The screams, the laughter, the extra adlibs and squeals from the audience whenever they processed a lyric was insane. Most of the artists were in the crowd and you could tell that the reaction of the audience made them buzz too.

The Top Picks

My favourites were TOMMY B Vs JAY0117, TEN DIXON Vs TANA and FUNKY DEE Vs MISCHIEF. I’m so glad their clashes made the final cut because all 6-artists embodied exactly what LOTM is about. I won’t give away too much because you need to check it out for yourself. You’ll be pleased to know LOTM 8 is now available on all steaming platforms, so be sure to check it out!

One thing I want to leave you with that Jammer shared with those at the screening is the following.

Everyone is so focused on immediate gratification. Everybody wants it now. Slow and steady isn’t a popular route but taking the stairs is always a better option. What LOTM was when it first started is not what it is today. The foundation is still the same, but the platform has since evolved. Which goes to show that hard work, consistency and dedication always pays off.

I look forward to seeing where Lord of the Mics platform goes from here.

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