Here’s to Never Growing Old with ‘The Reason’: New Single ‘Never Let Me Down’!

When you think of sub genres of indie, you imagine the likes of tropical Two Door Cinema Club, rock-pop Courteeners and true indie Circa Waves etc. But what if there was a band who mixed all these sounds into one? *Cue The Reason*

The Reason, a four-piece band from Airdrie, have done just that in their new single ‘Never Let Me Down’. A funky little number with infectious riffs and strong backing beats, this song is perfect for any situation.

The lyrics “I’m too young to grow old” are repeated for emphasis throughout the song, with idyllic harmonies overlapping to give it a feel-good vibe. These words are especially prominent to the ideal listeners of this band, as life feels as though its flashing by for most teenagers these days.

It helps us to stop and listen, and bask in the moment for a minute instead of wishing minutes away.

The middle of the song has the sound of a clock ticking away, almost as if to signify time passing by. There is something about adding real life actuality sounds to songs that sometimes doesn’t work out, but this sound completes the song in my opinion.

The guitar solo adds the rock vibe that I mentioned at the beginning, with the guitar dropping out to let us hear the singer only. This is a very popular move in most indie music but it’s a tried and tested method that works, so why not?

The singer’s voice is very easy to listen to and the instruments blend well into each other during the track. Overall, this is a very powerful single to release after over a year’s wait for new music.

Listen to ‘Never Let Me Down’ across all streaming platforms and keep up to date with the band on social media for their next tour dates and music releases.

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