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LULU. Pens a New Poetic Afro-Soul Smash ‘Let Go’

LULU. is the up-and-coming Afro-soul star to watch. The British-Nigerian songstress hails from East London and pens relatable, heartfelt music. The new single ‘Let Go‘ is a short record that is both catchy and tender. This single primes fans for her upcoming EP, ‘Dear Disorientated Soul‘. This title alone tells you a lot about this artist’s soul-bearing style.

Let Go‘ pairs a hard-knocking beat with delicate guitar strums. She weaves in echoey harmonies throughout the track, that adds to the song’s emotional depth. However, don’t let this fool you – this record brings uplifting energy with its sing-along quality.

In the track, the singer speaks honestly about her self-sufficiency and independence. This has been a result of her upbringing – she sings, “Raised by many faces, loved by few”. In contrast, there is a figure in her life who just can’t let go of her. This self-reliance is a feeling so many young people feel, but LULU. is pulling at an important point in this record – how can we amend our fierce independence to accept real love from another person? She has revealed that this song cuts even deeper for her, being a symbol of her neglecting her faith in recent years. However, God has never let her go.

An uplifting record, a tear-jerker for some, this is the mark of a truly honest artist. This honesty may derive from her musical inspirations: Lauryn Hill, Moelogo, and Burna Boy. These are artists who speak candidly about their faith, make their own decisions despite outside pressures, and have self-discovery themes throughout their music.

Tems has also been noted as a key influence, and you can truly hear that in her music. They can articulate complex thoughts and ideas so perfectly and candidly in their music with LULU. bearing a similar gift.

Her success is ever-growing, especially off the back of her first headline show – which sold out in 48 hours. She also recently supported Khamari, another multifaceted artist unafraid of showcasing vulnerability. We are looking forward to what 2024 brings for this blossoming young creative.

LULU. is on Instagram and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and watch the video below.

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