Rising UK R&B Artist Tianna Releases New Single ‘Please You’

Last Friday saw the return of R&B newcomer Tianna with her latest single, ‘Please You‘.

In the vibrant landscape of today’s UK music scene, a new star is emerging and captivating listeners with her smooth and soulful R&B-inspired sound. Tianna, a fresh face in the world of R&B, has just unveiled her latest single, ‘Please You‘ which offers listeners a glimpse into her colourful and distinctive sense of artistry


Please You‘ is the follow-up to Tianna’s debut EP ‘The Key Telling‘, which dropped in May last year and was said to be a real turning point in this emerging artist’s career. With this new release, she brings a unique blend of R&B and soul influences to the forefront of her sound, and showcases her velvety vocals and knack for relatable lyricism.

As Tianna sets her sights on the future, she remains committed to creating music that resonates with her audience. With much more in store from this promising new voice, be sure to keep an ear out!

Please You‘ is now available on all major streaming platforms and you can find more news here. To learn more about Tianna and her music, follow her on Instagram | TikTok | X

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