Mackenzy Mackay

Mackenzy Mackay Releases New EP Alongside Headline Show in Camden

I went to see Mackenzy Mackay at the Electric Ballroom for his headline concert in London. The first word that comes to mind after the gig is electrifying. His songs and connection with the audience are undeniably powerful. The lyrics in songs like ‘Venus‘ and ‘London‘ clearly connect with the audience on a physical and emotional level. Specifically, the song ‘London‘ is for anybody who has lived here, born here, and has love for Brixton and Camden. Shortly after I arrived, 40 minutes before he came on stage, the place was completely packed. Next, I saw people at the merch stand buying Mackenzy Mackay T-shirts, and most were already wearing one.

Mackenzy Mackay

When he came out on stage, he was welcomed with excited cheers and shouts. The energy in the room was palpable. He started singing with a backing track, before accompanying himself with piano and guitar, showing his versatility. Furthermore, he showcased a wide range of genres and instrumentation in his music. ‘Sweet Moment‘ was one of the songs that stood out the most for me. He jumped into a frenetic crowd and sang amongst his fans, with everyone in the room singing along or dancing. Ultimately, Mackenzy Mackay continues to make his mark in the pop music world with a variety of genres and performances.

Mac just released his new EP with 6 brand new tracks alongside the headline show. ‘Bruised One‘ is one of the songs that stands out from the EP. It works great both as a studio track and a live track. Therefore, it’s a captivating song that represents the main feel of the project. The 6 tracks show his growth and expanding musical vocabulary, alongside the storytelling side and attention to detail. These things that go unnoticed, he explores in ‘Every Last Detail‘, are sometimes the most beautiful.

Mackenzy Mackay

The atmosphere, in general, was fantastic, and Mac gave his all musically and emotionally. The performance and songs were perfect for a venue like the Electric Ballroom. Since it felt simultaneously crowded and intimate, there was an energy that gave a little of both worlds. Mackenzy Mackay is a layered artist with a great balance between substantial lyrics and production. I can’t wait to see how his continued growth as an artist and how his music evolves over time.

You can find Mackenzy Mackay on Instagram and TikTok. Stream the EP below and find more concert reviews here.

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