Maggie Szabo Releases Brand New Single “Only Human”

Maggie Szabo is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been winning over audiences worldwide with her stunningly soulful vocals and empowering pop anthems. Hailing from small town Ontario, Szabois now an accomplished musician living in Los Angeles and is using her music to conquer social injustice.

Her brand new single “Only Human” beautifully encapsulates all the best elements of Szabo’s vocals. The daity, delicate upper register, rich tone and pure passion.

I was honestly sold from the riff on “Call” in the first verse ( thank me later)

These soulful vocals are reminiscent of the early noughties, an era where music made a genuine connection.

While there is an obvious commercial element to the song, it has a certain relateability that is undeniable.

Sprinkled with just the right about of soul the electro pop number shows off Szabo’s vocals in such an effortless way.

Here’s what happened when IndustryMe caught up With Maggie to discuss the single and more

This song is very different from the pop ballad style we saw on “Don’t give up” is this an indication of the type of music you’ll be doing in the future?

It is definitely very different from ‘Don’t Give Up’! ‘Only Human’ was written specifically for the new film ‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser’ and the whole musical direction from the film is what I like to call, ‘modern 80s pop’ and that really inspired this song. I love writing for these kinds of projects because it encourages me to experiment with the style of music I normally do and it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I knew I had to push myself into that direction and I love what came out of it!

Describe how the song came together?

I was asked by one of the producers to write a song for the film, so I was able to see the film before the music was finished for it. The next day I called up on of my collaborators and producers, Mark Alston, and that day we went into the studio to start writing. That’s how ‘Only Human’ was born!

The track is featured in the upcoming Netflix film. ‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser’  where were you when you got the call that it would be included and what was going through your mind at the time?

I was asked before to write the song for the film, and I felt really great with what we came up with so I felt pretty hopeful that it would end up in there. Having music in films and TV shows is always interesting because decisions can change so last minute, so I never really feel confident my song is actually in it until I see and hear it for myself! But I definitely felt confident this song was going to stay in there.

Is there anything we should be looking out for in the lead up to the new EP?

There are so many great collaborations I have lined up with artists and DJs around the world so I’m very much looking forward to those being released as well!

More about the artist
Szabo’s successes to date include over 13 million views on YouTube, extensive media coverage from high profile outlets such as Perez Hilton, Yahoo Music!, PopCrush and Huffington Post, as well as being featured on multiple airline playlists and numerous notable film and TV placements. She recently was the featured vocalist on the album for German electronic DJ Schiller, who has so far sold 7 million albums worldwide.
With a quickly growing fan-base and a social media following that tops some of the nation’s most established pop artists, Szabo has effectively used the internet to showcase and market her songs to the world and her dedicated fans.
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