Dom McAllister – Prospects

Introducing budding London singer Dom McAllister with his brand new single prospects.

The vivid imagery created by the unfiltered alternative R&B number spins the friends with benefits scenario on its head by telling the story from the perspective of the guy chasing a girl who is emotionally unavailable. I love a good plot twist!

Beginning with a Sensual and somewhat jazz-influenced intro, the listener is immediately enveloped in Dom’s husky and distinctive vocal tone. Luring listeners in with his smooth lower register, Dom really takes you on an emotional journey as he breaks down the details of his encounter.

He’s clearly a bit of a vocal tease with the falsetto on the hook indicating that he has a lot more to showcase when it comes to his range and perhaps even gives a nod to Dom’s versatility.

dom mcallister debuts new single prospects The song describes feelings of frustrations over unrequited feelings and being used. Beyond effortless vocal production and beautifully simple melody Dotted with subtle instrumental riffs, this track is incredibly well written.

It’s the optimum balance of raw emotion and scintillating lyricism.

I would describe this song as Poetic venting. Artistic yet authentic.

It was honestly quite refreshing to see such depth and vulnerability from a young artist.

The young Londoner’s anticipated new release marks the end of a period intensively working in the studio and refining his sound. It also marks a new freedom of expression for Dom  – his experiences with his sexuality, anxiety and the maelstrom of emotions that comes with it. ‘Prospects’ appears as a sensual, vulnerable thing of analogue, fuzzy beauty.

With this being Dom’s first release of the year, I have a feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg. I for one cannot wait until his next release.

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