#IMExclusive: LX Mason Releases New Single ‘Drink Me Goodbye’

Presenting the world premiere of Sydney based electro-pop artist LX Mason’s new single ‘Drink me Goodbye’.

On this track the singer is hashtag over it, taking listeners on a journey involving discussions with an old flame.

Beginning with what can only be presumed to be a ‘Hey stranger’ text, the singer tells the tale of an old lover, who finally realised what they had lost when it was too late. He recalls the tears shed over the ending of the relationship from the perspective of someone is no longer wounded by emotional trauma brought on by the situation. The irony being that the tables have now turned and it is now his ex love interest who cannot bare to be without him.

Offering a sound that falls somewhere in between Adam Lambert and Maroon 5, ‘Drink Me Goodbye’ brings together a wide variety of genres. A pop anthem riding on the intersection of soul, ‘Drink Me Goodbye’ is a slick combination of a range of 90s/00s inspired melodies.

Bringing together elements of R&B, hip-hop and 00s electro-pop, its synth filled rhythms are catchy hook are bound to have you singing along.

If you listen closely enough you may just hear some beatboxing during the instrumental breakdown.

Clothed by not so subtle undertones of vindication, the song explores the desperate attempts people make to forget long-term relationships.

When asked about the concept behind the video LX Mason revealed:

“I wanted to show the lengths that someone would go to forget you. If you notice, all of the shots where there’s supposed to be two people, it’s just her. Shes successfully removed someone from memory and it takes going to a darker place to get there”

#IMExclusive: LX Mason Releases New Single ‘Drink Me Goodbye’So Who is LX Mason?

Singer-songwriter LX mason who cites Billie Elish, Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child as just a few of his influences, is a Florida native who has since settled in Sydney in pursuit of his music career.  Releasing his debut single ‘I Don’t’ independently back in 2018, Mason impressed audiences with his wide vocal range, amassing over 30k streams as well as being added to several Spotify playlists.

His sophomore release features production by St.Humain, mixing by Nathan Eshman and mastering Leon Zervous.

The song is available for pre-save here:



  • Instagram:  @lx.mason
  • Twitter: @lx_mason
  • Facebook: LX Mason
  • Web: lxmason.com
  • Spotify: “I Don’t” by LX Mason
  • Soundcloud: “I Dont” by LX Mason
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