MAK Reinvents Himself in New Release ‘Please’

MAK is an East London artist who started making waves in the hip-hop world in 2020. Several genres have influenced his musical journey. Genres do not limit the process, he’s always looking to bend and push those boundaries. Simultaneously, he has a deep connection to storytelling, and you can hear the craft and care he puts into the lyricism. 

MAK has just released his new single ‘Please‘ which has a beat and groove reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s productions. It works very well alongside his storytelling and modern rap rhythms. The track showcases this knack for storytelling, touching on themes ranging from his family to his lifestyle. 

The vibrant colours in the music video complement the song’s energy. Therefore MAK doesn’t shy away from eccentricities in his outfits and his movements. The changes in outfits and settings make the video an engaging experience and accompany the music perfectly. Sebastian-Luke Virgo directed the video and did a masterful job of expressing the energy of the song with monochrome colours and energetic movements. 

Presently MAK is reinventing himself and this is just the beginning. His music is evolving and it’s only becoming more mature while exploring new sounds and songwriting techniques. This new music foreshadows an electric set of new songs in the future. After this vibrant release, we can’t wait to see what this rapper comes up with in the future. 

MAK is on X and Instagram. Stream the new single and video below, and find more news pieces here.

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