Oscar #Worldpeace

Oscar #Worldpeace Gets Vulnerable in Latest Single ‘Heaven’

Oscar #Worldpeace has been around the music scene for a while. He released his first single, ‘Mook‘ after teaching himself how to produce. Afterward, Oscar went through quite a journey in his personal and professional life. Through those experiences, he has come up with a newly released single, ‘Heaven‘. Additionally, this track serves as an announcement for his new album ‘Mum, Pray For Your Son‘, which comes out on April 19th.

Correspondingly, ‘Heaven‘ is a song that touches on one of his most important journeys: his partner. It portrays their loving relationship and the peace he has found around her. Alongside Qendresa as a featuring artist, Oscar brings forth a subtle but mighty song. With influences from genres like soul, R&B, and funk, the song is a mellow and celestial experience of loving joy.

The vocal performance contrasts between the two artists. Oscar’s performance is a more delicate and sensitive one, while Qendresa brings a powerful, soulful vocal to the song. Both performances make the single have an electrifying impact on the listener.

Consequently, the release of ‘Heaven‘ brings forth great expectations for Oscar #Worldpeace’s new LP. When artists allow themselves to show their vulnerability, the result is always powerful, both in the music and the impact on the fans. This track is a testament to love and support, being a rare statement in the music industry at the moment but a very necessary one. We can’t wait to experience Oscar’s full journey on April 19th.

Oscar #Worldpeace is on X, Instagram, and TikTok. Stream the song and watch the visuals below, and find more articles here.

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