Mariam Davina Turns Up The Heat with New Release, ‘Can’t Get Enough’

Is there anything more soothing than a 90s slow jam? You know the type: powerhouse vocals, a silky beat, and relatable lyrics that earn permanent residency on your ‘chill vibes’ playlist. With a gospel-infused voice akin to Jazmine Sullivan and vulnerable lyrics Mary J Blige would be proud of, South-London sensation Mariam Davina sizzles with her new single ‘Can’t Get Enough‘.

The 2021 The Voice UK semi-finalist pens a slow and sultry record, speaking of a guilty pleasure-type love where she knows she deserves better but can’t walk away. This record seamlessly follows up on her first single ‘Because Of You‘, with this slower-paced jam showcasing her multifaceted ability to make songs for all moods.

The 90s have a chokehold on current music, with R’n’B pulling from its soulful roots. As a result, laid-back listening records like ‘Can’t Get Enough‘ are brought to the forefront. This record feels extremely organic for Mariam Davina’s vibe and voice. It just happens to be the type of record U.K. R’n’B fiends for right now – a nostalgic nineties energy with a current-day vocal powerhouse doing what she does best.

It takes one listen to certify that whilst Mariam may be an underdog waiting for her star moment. Certainly, her voice isn’t anything to underplay.

Mariam Davina is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Find more news pieces here and stream the track below.

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