Omar Apollo shares his brand new track ‘Ice Slippin’

Omar Apollo has just released his brand new track ‘Ice Slippin‘. It stands as the leading single of his upcoming EP ‘Live For Me‘ set to be released October 6th.

Ice Slippin’ is a deep and sincere number that was inspired by the celebrated singer’s personal experience coming out to his family. Consequently, he describes the track as “a reflection and reaction of all the emotions I had to face.” Likewise, the go-between within the lyrics shares Apollo’s state of mind and the wandering thoughts that it could have been better not to tell them. This is all accompanied by a chilling piano sound.

After leaving his family behind and embracing his freedom in his sexuality, it’s clear to see the effect that this reaction had on Apollo. Ultimately, it made him rethink his decisions and choose his happiness above all. In addition to his wholehearted honesty in his lyrics, we can also hear some new influences in his musical style. ‘Ice Slippin’ is quite Frank Ocean-esque, with its filtered spoken elements.

Along with the EP, he has announced the music video for his latest track on Instagram, as well as placing ice sculptures of himself. These are in locations like London, New York, and Los Angeles to promote his new project. ‘Live For Me’ has big shoes to fill as the latest project after hisGrammy-nomination for ‘Best New Artist’. Equally big things are expected from his newest project. Apollo describes it as “songs that I hold very close to me.”

It looks like we’ll be given an even deeper look into Omar Apollo’s past experiences. In addition, we will see how they have shaped him into the person and artist he is today.

Listen to ‘Ice Slippin‘ below and find Omar Apollo on Instagram, TikTok, and X. Read more news articles like this one here.

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