Melica Gives Final Warning in New Single “Calling”

London-based singer-songwriter Melica is back with a biting track, calling out cheaters everywhere. You might recognise Melica from IndustryMe’s Instagram, where her second single “Marco Polo” was featured. 

Like ‘Marco Polo’, the R&B songstress’s newest single centres around a relationship. ‘Calling’, however, which is set to premiere on August 30, is harsher. Where ‘Marco Polo’ is more wistful, lamenting rushing into a relationship, ‘Calling’ is angry, scoffing at a cheater’s excuses and lies.

With a vintage bubblegum pink telephone as the cover art, listeners are lured into the track, expecting a sticky sweet song. However, that’s certainly not what Melica had in mind. Instead, the track’s attitude is more sour than sweet, full of sass.

‘Calling’ expresses a profound understanding of self-worth. While many women may be willing to just ignore their partner’s cheating and lying, Melica gives us an anthem that says they don’t have to. Instead of turning a blind eye and allowing someone to walk all over and disrespect you, ‘Calling’ tells women everywhere to know their worth. Don’t take your cheating man back just because.  You can do better – and if you do want him back, make him work for it.

Interestingly enough, this song is about more than just a woman who has been wronged by her partner. The lyrics also go after the other woman, with Melica singing, “You tryna come ‘round here, you tryna take what’s mine.” Later, she disparages the other woman, saying, “What makes you think you got anything up on me?” In song form, the R&B singer makes it clear that whether or not she stays with her man, the other woman is no competition. 

Melica, however, doesn’t focus long on the other woman, as she isn’t the real target of the song. In the end, the song comes back around to the cheater, the real bad guy here. “Don’t know why you’d ever think that you could ever lie to me,” she sings, and you can hear both the disbelief and disdain in her words.

Meanwhile, the music’s pulsating beat is melodic and methodic at the same time. At first, it’s eerily calming, considering the tone of the lyrics. However, as it continues, the sound turns into a threat, perfect for the ultimatum the R&B singer gives in the song. She tells her cheating partner and his mistress, “I’m giving you your final warning,” and the music adds an almost sinister feel to her words. 

As Melica sings, “Real ones don’t need to claim they’re real” – their realness is evident in their words and actions. And Melica? She’s definitely a real one.

To keep up with Melica and to know where to listen to her latest track, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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