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Mike Hough Marks His Return With New Album Little Lights

On the 26th of February, MOBO nominated Mike Hough released his phenomenal album Little Lights containing 7 sensational tracks.

The opening track of the EP, “Long Way Home” contains such powerful lyrics oozing a positive atmosphere into the album, it sets a subtle love theme for the rest of the songs. The track also gives the energy of the importance of being independent, whilst the sound of the drums helps carry the tune to a more pop sound. Each song has such a beautiful tone and message throughout it is the perfect soundtrack to this upcoming year.  

A ballad that we all must listen to this year is “Find A Way Out”. The song contains a powerful message about love touching the heartstrings, we can thank Mike for this album helping us all, with relationships. The album also contains a perfect combination of voices between him and Yasmin Green collaborating for the track “Silly Me”. The pairs’ soothing voices are a wonderful touch for the EP. 

A favorite of mine was “Catch Me”. This song fully expresses the talent Mike has and how phenomenal his voice is, highlighted through an epic piano piece intertwining with his voice. There is no doubt in saying that Mike may have the perfect voice for a romantic track, he also uses such touching lyrics which just immediately strike your emotions. 

Something that stands out on each track is its instrumentation, particularly the use of the acoustic guitar on the title track “Little Lights”, which gave it a light-hearted feel. It also provides such a positive tone really helping you to get out of a slumped mood. 

The final song on the EP is “Collide”.

Track number 7 is the perfect round-off for the whole album, it reflects multiple themes that are also seen through the majority of the other songs such a love. “Collide” has a more upbeat and faster-paced feel to it whilst still captivating us with such touching vocals.

The Little Lights album is a must-listen this year. It provides the perfect combination of feel-good music and love ballads, each track really showcasing the singer-songwriter’s talent in depth. A combination of instruments can be heard from track-to-track highlighting how universal Mike Hough’s sound really is. This is only the beginning and a taster to what more the talented Mike can offer for upcoming EP’s.  

Listen to Little Lights by Mike Hough Here:

Words By: Livia Likurti

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