#IMMusicMonday: Talking ‘White Lie’ with Molly Ashcroft

Molly Ashcroft is a London based singer-songwriter who is making waves in the music scene. Molly recently released her single, ‘White Lies’ a surprisingly honest song about a toxic relationship.

Here’s what happened when we caught up with Molly to talk about her new single and more.

How did you first get into the music industry?

I got into the music industry when I was about working with some grime producers as they were the only people who would give me a chance being around a lot of people in the urban scene of the UK. I put out a cover on soundcloud and he reposted it, it got my managements attention and it sorta went from there.

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard you before?

I would describe it as euphoric pop and R&B.

Who would you say are your biggest musical inspirations?

Definitely Kehlani, I don’t think I would even be here if it was for Kehlani. I also think, of course, people like Beyonce. I take a lot of writing inspiration from Chris Martin from Coldplay.

White Lies is a very candid song, was this quite difficult to write or was it more therapeutic?

Actually, when I was writing the song I was so detached from it, I was in the studio and they were like “come on you can do it, you can finish it” trying to get me to get it done and I didn’t feel anything about it at that time. I think I was just like finished writing about that person. The song is ironically honest, when I listened to it back I felt it was really honest considering the title white lies. It was something at that time that I was thinking a lot about and toxic relationships and things like that.

I think it’s really relatable listening to it as someone who has been in a similar situation. The lyrics are very relatable.

Oh, that makes me so happy to hear you say that! Yeah, I feel like the song is a period of my life which I look back on now and feel like I must have been mad to be with that person but at the time I wasn’t going to not spend time with them. I feel like a lot of my music is where I go to places that are so honest even though it’s still pop and fun and catchy and you want to sing along to it, but you listen to the meaning of the song it’s like something that a lot of people have gone through and talk about.

How would you describe your writing process for when you are creating new music?

My writing process is really strange, I tend to stick with an instrument so I have a pianist a guitarist, or my producer with me and start with cords. I think with a good song it always starts with three or four great cords and as long as it’s a good song on that it will never, no matter what production you use it will never be bad. I do that and I tend to freestyle a whole song, start to finish on my voice notes just melodies. I freestyle melodies start to finish, normally in the first take I have the song then I write the melodies I’ve made, it’s very quick.

What was it like to work with artists like DJ Fresh and Katy B?

DJ Fresh was very, very surreal, I went to stay at his house in Oxford and it was an amazing experience. He’s very sure of what he wants and it inspired me a lot to keep going with things until we can get it perfect. Katy B, that’s like my sister, really and truly. I’ve found a really close relationship in the industry with her, she’s someone that’s very close in my circle. I think if my 14-year-old-self got told I would be writing with Katy B I would have just died, she’s like the OG queen. She’s one of the reasons why I got into this.

That’s amazing, it must be good already to have made such amazing connections already and actually be friends with these people.

Yeah, we have the same management so that’s how we met. Katy’s just the kindest soul. I’m really lucky in the sense that I’ve gained a lot of really close friends in the industry that I feel I can go to for advice and that I respect creatively and that I look up to and have looked up to for many years. I’m lucky I’ve been able to work with them, I’m so blessed to say I’ve written with them and spend time with them. They love my music and I love theirs.

How did you feel when you were told White Lies would be the campaign song for Sophia Webster’s PUMA collection?

I was so nervous, when they told me I couldn’t believe it I think I thought my manager was lying because I’d forgotten the song. I’d written the song but it was a few years ago and I had forgotten about it. I had no intention of releasing White Lies at all, it wasn’t one of my favourites but it’s grown on me through this campaign. Sophia’s team were incredible when I worked with them, they were incredible – so hardworking, so kind, so welcoming. The whole campaign was a joy to be a part of.

What more can fans expect to see from you this year?

This year there will definitely be more music. I plan to release quite a few new singles so then they can become part of an EP. I have so many concepts for EP’s and albums, sometimes it’s just about trying to channel energy into one place. You can definitely expect that, you can definitely expect shows. I’m lucky because I’ve got 5,000 followers right now but I just feel that the people that follow me care so much. I love them and they love me. I want to create that and build on that and take it further, I want it to be something to be a part of rather than something pushing people away. I want it to be inclusive.

As a female just starting out in this industry, do you think there is an issue with representation within it?

100%, I think the biggest problem with female representation is internal. I’ve met with most heads of every label and I’ve never met a female head, I mean I’m sure there are some but the main ones not so much. That’s where a lot of the problems lie that how are female artists supposed to get the best opportunities when it’s men that are creating opportunities. It’s only women that will know exactly how difficult it is to get the same opportunities so I think that’s a big thing. But I feel like in my generation there’s a lot of things coming up now, I can feel a change coming. I feel a change of women owning their own companies and their own brands whether that’s in fashion and in music but I think we need to aim to have more female artists owning their own music, owning their own labels.

Who are some artists that you can’t stop listening to right now?

Kali Claire, she’s incredible, she’s amazing. There’s so many, Coldplay – I love Coldplay. Amira Amay, she speaks her mind she’s incredible. I’m lucky I listen to a lot of people I know, a lot of my friends are in music so often my friends release music and I’m like ‘Oh my god this is incredible’ and I can’t believe it’s my friends. Summer Walker, oh my god I listen to her every morning she’s amazing.

What three words would you use to describe yourself as an artist?

That’s a good question, I asked some people that the other day. It’s hard to describe yourself because you don’t know. I would like to describe myself as passionate – I’m so passionate sometimes it ends up being my downfall. I have very little fear towards things and I think spirit too. Sometimes I only rely on spirit, I don’t really take any other currency.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world who would it be?

Kehlani, if I ever meet her I will cry there is no doubt. I will just cry my eyes out and I have full faith it will be everything I want it to be. With Kelhani I feel like we would make something amazing, I look to her for a lot of life inspiration never mind musical inspiration.

Finally, do you have any final shoutouts or plugs?

Just keep listening and paying attention, we have so many things planned and I hope everyone likes the music. More importantly, I hope I create a platform for people to feel included and that’s what my goal is. For all the 15-1- year olds girls and boys that are going through something to feel like they can get through it.

Interested in keeping up with Molly Ashcroft? Follow her Instagram here.

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