R&B Singer Cheryll Is Not Here For ‘Part Time’ Love

Buckle up your seatbelts and take a ride down vibe central.

Exuding ever present vibrations of sensual femininity, Cheryll glides across XVR Black’s slick production with ease to deliver a 90s inspired mid tempo R&B number entitled ‘Part Time’.

Set against the backdrop of vibe filled melodies and sassy riffs, the R&B singer returns with an unwavering confidence.

Cheryll is in her element; it’s undeniable! It was evident from the song’s authentic aura that the singer has uncovered her melodic sweet spot and the result is a real crowd pleaser.

Fair warning, this song is incredibly catchy so be prepared to have the hook in your mind for a while. This will be one that you have on repeat this season.

Sparks are guaranteed to fly, as ‘Part Time’ pinpoints the moment where it becomes clear that two people are meant to be more than friends.

A summer anthem for the millennial woman, the track is sung from the perspective of a confident lady who is not only vocal about what she wants but is also determined to get it – right on!

Littered with soulful harmonies and neat variances in tempo ‘Part Time’ epitomises all that is great about UK R&B. Effortlessly combing the serveral elements of the classic 90s sound with a range of modern influences, Cheryll has created a song that evokes waves of nostalgia while simultaneously exciting listeners with the prospect of something new.

Speaking on the song Cheryll revealed:

“Part – Time depicts the modern day woman who is finally ready for the relationship she has always dreamed of. she’s encountered a lot of unserious contenders but finally feels like she’s found the one. This song is simply her making it clear that she’s noticed him so he needs to put in the work to avoid becoming a part-time interest”

Check out the song here and let us know what you think @industrymee

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