#IMMusicMonday: In Conversation With Molly Rainford

The tinsel being out in all its glistening glory could only mean one thing – Christmas is upon us. Along with blustering winds and 4PM sunsets (sorry British readers) the winter season ushers in an array of soul-warming sounds. Leading the charge into the final leg of the year is Essex based singer Molly Rainford with a heartfelt rendition of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. 

Since the release of the Commitment EP in 2019, which has accumulated over 2 million streams to date, the 19-year-old has left a promising dent within the UK Pop scene with a range of emotive lyrics and noughties R&B influenced sonics. 

Following of the release of her Christmas themed EP, Molly Rainford sat down with IndustryMe for a reflect on her career so far and plans for the future. 

Molly rainford in interview with IndustryMe

Being just 11 at the time what made you want to audition for Britain’s Got Talent?

I don’t know really, I always loved watching the amazing singers on X factor (like Leona Lewis) and loved the variety of BGT so one day I just decided I wanted to audition.

What’s it actually like behind the scenes?

Backstage of the audition was the scariest because it was the first time I heard one of the red buzzers – they’re sooo loud! But backstage at the live shows was just super cool chilling with the judges, guests, and the other contestants.

You attended Sylvia Young Theatre School whose alumni includes Ashley Walters, Dua Lipa, Daniel Kaluuya, Rita Ora, is there a part of you that hopes to branch out into acting at some point?

Definitely, I love performing and I’ve always loved to dance and act as well as sing. I think for an artist they’re all useful skills too.

After that, you went to music college studying at East London Arts & Music talk to me about that. What did you study and what is it like juggling that and your career?

It was quite difficult juggling everything [and] finding time to get coursework finished in between songwriting sessions, but I’m proud that I still came out with DDD* in Music.

I was looking back through your discography and noticed that you have writing credits on all your tracks. Why is it so important for you to be so hands-on with the writing process?

I feel like it’s super important for you to be able to relate to lyrics to make the vocals believable, however, I’m not against singing a song I haven’t written as long as what I’m singing is still true to me.

Okay so that said, do you think you’ll be more open to trusting other writers to bring your stories to life with the release of your new music?

100% there are so many amazing writers with songs that are waiting to be sung!

When writing a song melody or lyrics first?

Melody definitely comes more naturally to me, so melody first.

On the subject of writing with other people, let’s talk about working with Plan B who co-wrote the song “Long Run”. What would you say working with him taught you about yourself as an artist?

He’s got an incredible voice so every idea he came out with I was immediately into (laughs). I think he taught me to trust in the process and not be too precious over ideas. I remember on the day just having so many different sections to the song and not wanting to part with any, but after trial and error getting the version of Long Run that’s out today.

As you enter into this new chapter of your career what would you say are the biggest changes between this new project you’re working on and your last?

I don’t think it will be dramatically different because it’s still Me! There will just be MORE Molly

Outside of your musical endeavours you’re also an anti-bullying ambassador, Tell me a little more about that.

I became an Anti-bullying Ambassador to show my followers/supporters that it’s cool to be kind. Happiness makes the world go round, definitely.

Finally, if there’s one thing you hope listeners will take away from your upcoming music what do you hope it will be?

I just hope they enjoy the music and can get to know me a little more with each song.

Listen to the “Christmas” EP by Molly Rainford here:

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