Morgan Swann

Morgan Swann Brings a Bad Boy Bounce with New Single ‘Part Ways’

It might be the end of summer, but hip hop and R’n’B stay heated, as Morgan Swann drops his fresh release ‘Part Ways‘. U.K. rapper Swann firmly cements his status as a worthy artist to watch, with a record oozing with swagger. 

He glides over an instrumental that feels plucked from the early 2000s – think ‘I Just Wanna Love U‘ by Jay-Z or ‘Always on Time‘ by Ja Rule. His bad-boy energy is palpable through his clever wordplay and creative choices. Further to this, he’s rapping in certain ‘pockets’ that make no line sound forced. There’s an evident American influence in his style, and Swann isn’t afraid to pen playfulness into this record. Here, he describes his girl as ‘short and sweet’ – just like his interludes.

Swann’s self-assurance on the mic isn’t without merit. The Soundcloud sensation has garnered recognition from BBC Introducing and Grime Originals. He is capitalising on his multi-faceted musical skill, evidencing to fans that he can model a memorable melody and still spit bars. 

This song passes the vibe check, a bad boy getting his first taste of loss when he lets a girl get him in his feelings. The bad boy bravado is delivered through relatable lyrics and leaves listeners wanting more. Keeping this up, Swann will be doing more than rapping about breaking hearts, he’ll be breaking charts too.

Morgan Swann is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Find more news pieces here and stream the track below.

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