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MORGAN, A Rising Star In The Making

Morgan is a music protégé, having transitioned into the industry from as young as she can remember due to her musical family. MORGAN is someone who has previously been a one to watch for IndustryMe, after a busy 2020 with the release of her EP, Alien. Following her first chart debut with the Rudimental single Be the One, featuring Morgan, Digga D, and TIKE, she is ready for 2021.

She is a talent that is to be reckoned with, capturing the attention of British drum and bass band, Rudimental. This saw her iconic signing to their Major Toms Label when they stumbled across one of Morgan’s Instagram mash-up sessions, which she acknowledges as a central part of her journey.

We sat down with the up and coming star via zoom to delve into what we can expect next:

Congratulations on the success of Alien! How have you been finding making music during this time?

For me, when I started making music before I was signed, my most creative space was at home. As I got signed, I started getting used to being in a studio with other people that became my creative space. So, it was kind of drastic from being used to that then going back to my original space, but we have kind of kept in a bubble. Finding ways around it. grab hold of my creative streak while we are locked away.

You released a lot of music last year! What was your favourite project?

Mulholland Drive feat Ebenezer or Be the One which is still in the charts at 49! This is so sick for me; it is my first song that has been in the charts. It was so boring we couldn’t even celebrate it because it came out around that time we went back into lockdown. 

My favourite songs are always the ones people love the most, I love making people happy with my music. As long as I love it when it is coming out and then people love it after, it is the best feeling. I am so lucky to be under a label that allows me to do what I love.

You started out when you were around 17, it doesn’t seem like too long ago, but it is a huge timeframe in terms of growth, who is MORGAN now?

I have definitely grown especially since touring. I have always been a really sociable person, but I feel like now I ooze into social aspects a lot more, even being in a studio. You have to meet people you’ve never met before, connect on an emotional level and then make a song. Music is a very personal thing, so you have to learn to meet new people and create straight away. I’ve always been sociable, but I feel like I have found myself a lot more as a person. It is such a nice feeling to have.

Where did you grow up and how did that inspire your journey?

I have a musical family, so it was kind of within us, my dad sings so I picked that up from him. It was a very natural process; it has just always been within me my whole life. I have wanted this since I was 6/7 because of that, and I remember how badly I wanted it at that age as well.


What was your first studio session like compared to ones now?

My first session was with 169 the producer, he produced my song Let Go on the EP. He is sick, he is around my age as well, so it felt more natural. Both up and coming in the industry and working together was so nice and I felt so comfortable. My writing wasn’t as good, I was mastering it then. Now I know how to write music I can confidently go into a studio and get a song out. I am always learning every day; I have been songwriting since I was 10 but a studio is a different environment.

You’ve also been dancing since you were three! What is it about music that excites you?

I love that with music you can get a message across, I just love to sing. I did athletics and got far with that, but music stood out for me as a career choice. You always hear that people tell you, you can’t do it, but the people who doubt you, you have to prove them wrong. When I was growing up it was hard people telling me I couldn’t do music, but in my head, I need to put 100% in it, so I went for it and kept the faith. I love music.

You are signed to Major Toms a label founded by Rudimental, how did that come to be?

I grew up listening to Rudimental, when Feel The Love came out I was like 12, so I’ve always listened to them. They approached me when I was about 17, and I was like wow. And it does impact you when the person you grew up listening to approaches you. they saw an Instagram mash-up of a song and that’s how they liked me. I remember it took them a while to get back to me, then they hit me up at the start of 2018, I did a video audition and they wanted me to go on tour with them. Then it all kicked off from there, even collaborating with!

Who did you look up to when you were that young?

For me, Rihanna is my biggest inspo. Her versatility has inspired me even her business side just makes me want to do that. Tina Turner for performance, they were nuts. That’s where Beyoncé got her inspiration from as well, so she is just amazing.

What has been the highest high in your career?

Performing at the Royal Albert Hall would be one of them. It is one of those venues that everyone wants to do, and I did it at 19. The biggest would probably be touring the world in general, seeing places I never thought I’d see so early on.

At a party, what person are you?

I am the loud one, alcohol or no alcohol, I love dancing, everything. I miss it so much!

If you could collab with two people, dead or alive who would it be and what kind of song would you create? 

My dream collab is 6LACK, I think he is so unreal. When you’re on a late-night drive listening to him, it’s the best. I would adapt my style to his or we would keep our styles and make it work. I am manifesting it because he is so amazing.

What is next to come for you?

A lot of features this year! me on other tracks and vice versa. We kept my EP, Alien, very stripped back displaying me as an artist. Now I want to show what I can be when I collab with others. It is going to be so fun; I can’t wait. I have a song coming out soon with a really good feature so stay tuned for that!

Listen to Alien by MORGAN here:

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