Sabiyha Vents Her Frustrations On Her New Single “Undone”

When it comes to women’s sexuality and sexual behaviour, there is a clear double-standard when it comes to the opposite sex. Women are perceived to want more than a casual fling; frustrating many including Sabiyha – who has written “Undone” as a celebration of women’s sexuality and body positivity.

Rising British-Guyanese artist Sabiyha hails from Croydon, South London. Her musical journey began at a young age after growing up amongst a large extended family. As an artist, Sabiyha takes inspiration from her culture – with her mother and ‘Nanny’ being strong influences in her life. Her mother’s sharp-witted nature and the strong will of her ‘Nanny’ had a profound effect on Sabiyha, with her ‘Nanny’ instilling in Sabiyha to express her individuality – by not being a follower but a leader. This was the inspiration for her song Lullaby – a celebration of her culture and tribute to her ‘Nanny’; which was released earlier this year.

Sabiyha undone

Released today, Sabiyha’s “Undone” was written after a frustrating sexual encounter with a man who assumed she would want a serious relationship rather than a casual fling. Speaking on the song the singer said:

“People constantly assume that womxn can’t just have casual sex without attaching emotions to it. I hate that – it’s such a tired stereotype. Some womxn just want sex; no we don’t want to marry you; please get over yourself.”

Co-produced by Drew Jodi and Avi Barath out of Dave Okumu’s (The Invisible) studios in Deptford, “Undone” feels gritty, raw, and intense as Sabiyha’s frustrations are felt throughout the track. It looks at casual sex from a woman’s perspective and makes it known women are sexual beings too. Writing “Undone” allowed Sabiyha to confront her own expectations of what is deemed acceptable when it comes to women and sex. 

“I used to shame myself and even other women for enjoying sex – which seems completely ridiculous now!” Sabiyha shares.

“Undone” has allowed Sabiyha to embrace her sexuality and hopefully will inspire others to ask themselves if they too are willing to embrace their sexuality. 

Listen to “Undone” by Sabiyha here:

Words by: Tara Folkes

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