Newcomer Strama release new single ‘Milk and Honey’

London-based soul sister Strama brings us her bold yet soothing R&B-Infused single ‘Milk and Honey’ which emphasises challenging themes of death as well as the acceptance of the passing of life.  This song is slow but chilled which helps understand honest words and raw emotions.

Originally from the Netherlands with Italian-Romanian heritage allows Strama to influence and connect with more diverse cultures.  Strama grew up listening to her parent’s classical and jazz record collection which inspired her to train as a professional classical pianist as well as the style of music she wanted to create.  Strama has received praise for her talent from both BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio during her career thus far and is set to release her debut EP later this year. Strama has released a 3 single so far ‘Runnin’ and ‘Lonely Romance’ introduced us to Strama’s dreamy yet captivating music in 2019.  More recently Strama released ‘Last Time’ 2 years on from her opening songs due to the ongoing implications of the pandemic.

‘Milk and Honey’ is soulful and from the heart, as it oozes with passion through jazzy mellow rhythms and rich blues harmonies adding a touch of sass to her silky yet elegant vocals making  listeners want to sway along to sweet groovy melodies.  The lyrics set the scene of cold crisp winter blues of walks and playing in the snow mixed with warm bright summer bliss playing in the sand and having a paddle in the sea.  Making precious memories with loved ones to look back on as we reach the near end.

Strama describes how it can be difficult to talk about grief as it is a very personal and confrontational experience to go through.  She hopes that people find comfort with the song during their own different stages of sorrow, people deal with the loss  in many ways and Strama uses her beautiful voice to express her pain which makes the track warm, intimate, and unique as being vulnerable and open with your fans shows braveness and strength as it is important to share personal experiences to help others get through something similar.

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The tune is relaxing and helps you feel calm and this is good for healing a broken heart from the passing of someone who may have meant so much to you.  Death can affect you mentally as I experienced many years ago it keeps you awake as losing someone close is a feeling you’ll never forget and having melancholic and upbeat sounds can take your mind off it.  

Strama also throws a bit of heat into the sad song mixing in spicy Latin American pop which adds more flavour to help lift the mood in the song to make it cheery, energetic, and positive to encourage people to remember the good times they once had with that special someone, they may be gone but you’ll never forget them because life carries on and that person wouldn’t want you to be miserable so enjoy life and live it to the full because tomorrow is promised to no one these days.

Here at IndustryMe, we look forward to hearing more incredible music from Strama soon and we are excited to listen to the new EP later this year.

‘Milk and Honey is available to stream everywhere now!

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