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Nia Archives Brings Electrifying Jungle Fusion on Her New EP

The 10th March found London-based, multifaceted creative Nia Archives in a place of jungle mania with her 3rd EP release to date.

Championing the very best of U.K.’s rich electronic scene, Nia blends a collection of quintessential drum and bass sounds and influences to create her latest project under HIJINXX. The EP is heavily fuelled by the uniting of Brazilian carnival music and old-school jungle. These contrasting cultural expressions gleam in each others company, as the London rave scene meets Brazilian samba. As an artist spearheading the jungle comeback amongst a new generation of jungle enthusiasts and creators, the tracks that make up this project feel blissfully familiar, whilst still sounding exclusive to the sound of Nia Archives.

The EP consists of 6 tracks, enriched with stories of vulnerability and honesty to a dynamic, highly euphoric sound. Initially, the Bradford-born rising DJ, songwriter, and producer released singles ‘Baianá‘ and ‘So Tell Me…‘ prior to the release of the EP this month. ‘So Tell Me…‘ unsurprisingly found itself heavily supported by the likes of BBC Radio 1, giving mainstream radio a taste of jungle. The track’s concoction of grungy guitar and neo-soul vocals creates a feeling of fluidity and ease. On ‘Baianá,’ Nia samples the Barbatuques, a 15-person Brazilian ensemble, injecting her jungle sound with the rhythm of samba. The diversity and depth derived from these singles perfectly spotlight the creativity and dynamism of the artist.

So Tell Me…‘ music video directed by Dan Emmerson and Nia Archives.

In collaboration with Irish singer-songwriter Maverick Sabre on ‘No Need 2 Be Sorry, Call Me?‘ Nia’s sincerity shines through the fast tempo beat with the exchanging dialogue between the two. Their voices blend beautifully together, producing a simpler yet equally powerful track to the rest. Lyrically, she visits areas of loneliness, self-worth, and the toll of love across other tracks; ‘Conveniency‘ and ‘That’s Tha Way Life Goes‘. In essence, she is making music with real meaning behind it, alongside her club influence.

Notably, there is considerable use of colloquial language throughout the makeup of the EP, which provides us with the authentic Nia Archives experience. Furthermore, the casual language seen in the EP and track titles distinctly mirrors her as a person and her innate dialect. It sits as a reminder that music is a place for self-expression, and that there aren’t a set of rules which must be followed, both grammatically and spiritually to achieve greatness. Through this, Nia projects that you have the freedom to create what you desire. As an artist absorbed in the fusion of styles and influences, she follows her own path.

This emerging producer is undoubtedly one to watch, for she is inspiring the next generation of creatives in the electronic scene. Having recently won a MOBO and NME Award in 2022, this EP is only the start of what is sure to be an exciting year for Nia Archives.

Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall‘ is out now via Island / HIJINXX. You can find Nia on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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