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Noelle Releases Heartfelt Single, Stupid

Noelle Maracle is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. A twenty-one-year-old from Ontario, Canada. Noelle was inspired and surrounded by music from a young age through her family, friends, and neighbourhood; through this, she had developed within writing her own music for establishing her identity and creativity and even experimenting with different genres and instruments. Noelle currently streams on multiple platforms and has over 93.9k subscribers and over 8 million views on YouTube, and her career in music is growing at a rapid pace.

Recently, Noelle has released a new single titled ‘stupid,’ based on a relationship involving profound feelings. Still, the long-distance produced a schism that caused the relationship to fall apart. A great heartfelt and personal story to tell in a lyrical way, where it can relate to not only the singer but the listeners as well; which adds a touch of a connecting feel and establishes a sense of trust between both the singer and the audience.

This song expresses the likes of reminiscing the conflicted love between the two, ‘was I stupid, to give you my heart, when we knew from the start, that we would fall apart?’ This is almost acknowledging did she already realise early on in the relationship that it wasn’t going to work out long-term, but her heart was so deep in, she couldn’t fathom the idea of heartbreak.

‘Stupid’ displays a relationship of young love, it conveys one of those experiences many will relate to, of a love that you feel differently about most others but it was a love that had no bad blood between one another but more so leaving each other in order to accept it won’t work no matter how hard you try. ‘Stupid’ is a track that is simply honouring the few good time and good moments for her is beautiful to reminisce and just great for her to nostalgic over for a while.

This is an excellent indie-pop single, which ticks all the boxes of what this song illustrates and how it can make you feel. The composition is very soothing, and the lyrics are considerably passionate and poetically story-telling.

Noelle is a great artist with eye-opening vocals, she has already developed the range within her music and over time will enhance even more and see the start of herself on major chart levels and mainstream radios.

Be sure to check ‘stupid’ on all available platforms, it is a great single and artist to appreciate.

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