Vershon Brings The Summer Vibes with Only One [EP Review]

For the dancehall and Reggae fans artist Vershon is back with his new EP Only One. Born in Kingston- Jamaica, from a young age the artist embraced music and started his career writing his own songs and being his own engineer. Vershon developed his own flair and maintains his love for Caribbean culture and highlights this bond in the EP. 

The JA artist grew prominence back in 2015 when he dropped “Inna Real Life” which blew up and launched the singer’s global career. The song gained over 8 million views on YouTube, and he found himself as an artist on BBC 1Xtra’s Hot for 2016. Vershon keeps his tracks mainly upbeat and doesn’t shy away from his life struggles which makes his music relatable to fans and in the “Inna Real Life” video he emphasises the streets and culture within Jamaica. 



Vershon, maintains his image of being an entertainer, and his new 6 track EP doesn’t fall short. Showing his support for the UK scene with the EP being executively produced by the trio FaNaTiX, Vershon’s aspirations of international acclaim aren’t going unrecognised. He opens the EP, collaborating with UK Rap Veteran Chip and their song “Reality” has almost reached 2 million views on YouTube. A song to showcase the ladies and their natural beauty. In light of discussions on body positivity, Vershon hits the nail on the head with “Reality” his honest and positive lyrics are all about appreciating what you have and not letting social media influence that. 

“Shake Up”

Listening to the EP you can tell Vershon has an image of Jamaica on his mind, especially from “Shake Up” this is definitely a song to have on repeat over summer. Vershon has made a track for the dancehall lovers and this song is the one that makes you want to dance and vibe. It takes you out of the room and onto the streets much like his visuals you can see the sun and feel the culture with beats that remind you of carnival and street parties. 

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“Stick by Me”

This song reminds you of a dancehall version of Jay-z’s ‘03 Bonnie and Clyde’ – “Down to ride ‘till the very end.” Vershon similarly sings about having a girl by his side and wanting that love that goes above and beyond. “I need somebody that will stick by me, never had a girl stick by me”. As an artist he’s captured the idea of love but presented it in a way to fans that’s real for him and his experiences, unperfect which he highlights in the music video. 

Overall, Only One sets the tone for summer 2021, and in the UK with a lockdown soon to be lifted, it prepares listeners to be released just in time to have a drink, catch the sun, and all the good vibes. The EP also features collaborations from fellow dancehall artist Busy Signal, artist Y Cee and rapper Trillary Banks. 

Be sure to follow Vershon on his socials like Twitter & Instagram to stay tuned in.

Listen to Only One by Vershon here:

Words by: Aaliyah Facey

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