Premiere: Cooper Phillip Returns With BOOMERANG

Los Angeles based pop-soul artist Cooper Phillip is back with a brand new video “BOOMERANG”

To date, Phillip has made her mark by creating music tackling themes of strength, grace, and empowerment. For her, the goal has always been to show others that they are in fact much stronger than they think and that they have the power to overcome more than they thought they were capable of. Her new song BOOMERANG” is no different.

With Phillip’s bold vocals and angelic harmonies taking centre stage, this track is brimming with emotion.

“BOOMERANG” is a song the focuses on the importance of intentionality. It’s about how each of our decisions have consequences and how important it is to think hard about the choices we make.

cooper phillip returns with new video boomerang

Cooper confides,

“I learned how to be honest with myself and others. Not telling about real feelings is lying and hurts in the end. Everything comes back. You have to be aware of everything you do and all your conscious choices and responsibilities. Life is a boomerang. You get exactly what you give.”

Watch “BOOMERANG” By Cooper Phillip Here:

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