[Video Release] Shay La Rose ft Lamie LDN – ‘Mission’

British-Nigerian songstress and dancer Shay La Rose returns following the release of her well received single ‘Kodak’ (prod. By Dami Bones), which gained over 19,000+ views on YouTube.

Determined to carve her own path the singer is generating quite a buzz for her infusion of the British-Nigerian experience with contemporary R&B. She has subsequently developed a soulful sound underlined by infectious drumbeats and inspired by afrobeat rhythms.

Enlisting the help of rapper Lamie, the singer unveils the visuals for her brand new song ‘Mission’.

She shares:

“Mission is about being strong and independent – if he’s not ready to settle down, we’re not waiting… even if we can see him in our future!”

Closing the summer with a bang the music video, shot by Ash Riley, serves a warning to her lover of the dangers of being hot and cold.

This collaboration was no accident.

Shay La Rose and Lamie LDN on the set of  the mission video

Shay La Rose explains;

“Girls rule! It was only right that I approached Lamie to join me on Mission. She’s sexy, talented and has been so supportive. Girl power is everything! She’s about to take over the rap scene! We’re letting guys know that it’s high time they stop being indecisive, or they’re going to lose us!”

When asked about the reason behind her passion for music Rose explained:

“I want people, especially women, to be confident and fearless! I just really want to be able to reach as many as possible through my music. Ultimately, it’s about having fun… and being inspired along the way”.

Without a doubt, Shay La Rose is just warming up leaving her imprint on both the U.K. Afrobeats and R&B scenes.

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