#IMExclusive: ‘Automatic’ – Day Kornegay

For R&B artist Day Kornegay the stage has always felt like a second home.

Beginning his musical journey singing in church, Kornegay went on to study at LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts. Before he knew it the singer was doing session recordings and world tours.

Returning with a sound vaguely reminiscent of the vocal stylings of Bruno Mars, the singer unveils the visuals for his latest single ‘Automatic’.

The first track from Kornegay’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Automatic’ opens the story with a chapter of romance dedicated to the art of pursuit.

Day Kornegay now embarks on the next phase of his journey as a solo artist and set down with IndustryMe to talk about the release of his new video and more.

Which era would you say has had the biggest impact on your music and why? 

The late 90’s/early 00’s definitely has the strongest influence on my music. Some of the best inventive music ever made was hatched in the 90’s.

Obviously Biggie and Bad Boy, Pac and Death Row, the emergence of boy bands n’sync and Backstreet Boys, Missy, Timberland and Aliyah, Jodeci, Green Day, Oasis and Soundgarten, Dru Hill, Lincoln Park, Brandy and Monica, Wu-Tang, Jay Z, Pharrell… I could go on!!

That era birthed so much of what’s happening right now. Definitely a historic time musically! 

There’s a clear gospel influence in your sound. Do you think that kind of church influenced sound is as prominent in modern day R&B music as it once was and how do you feel about this? 

The church or gospel sound is definitely prominent in modern-day R&B music. The chord play and phrasing of so many R&B songs come from the gospel or church sound – which also have evolved by the way.

Even the style of singing. I feel like that undertone of gospel or church has almost always been around in R&B music. Especially when it comes to the singers.

So many of us came from singing in church as a kid. Most of the greats… Aretha, Whitney, Marvin, Donny, Al Green etc.

Gospel and R&B both use love as a basis. I love hearing the church influence in R&B… Stevie Wonder (one of my all time favs) writes so many songs that are love songs but really are about God’s love for us. Some don’t even realize that.

I feel like most R&B singers right now, whether they know it or not, have patterned themselves after gospel singers stylistically. Even Beyonce gets her runs from gospel greats like Karen Clarke of the Clarke sisters. It’s natural that R&B is influenced by gospel and sometimes vice-versa. 

Speaking of musical influences, who is on your playlist right now? 

Man, my playlist is filled with music!

I have too many artists to name but I’ll say it’s very eclectic. From Khaleed to the 1975, Beyonce to Saweetie, Drake to Kendrick to Tory Lanez to Aboogie and Da Baby. Always some legendary music like Stevie, Michael, Sinatra, The Beatles… and tons of new and independent artists like Nstag@td!! I have so many flavors that I’m rocking right now!

Lots of Day Kornegay though (winks).

So your latest single ‘Automatic’ is all about the moment when a beautiful woman catches your eye? 

That’s a part if it, but it’s also about how like when you vibe with someone and it’s just instantaneous. When you lock with one other on a certain level from the beginning… it’s Automatic! 

I have a feeling that there’s another part to this story? 

Oh fo’ sho! The other component is our current state of culture where like if you look on social media, most of us are about great food or dope looks, lit parties and traveling the world. So with Automatic we combine all that!

It’s essentially chasing this girl, who’s chasing fun like I am. We end up linking up in some amazing places in different parts of the world! 

What can we expect from the upcoming EP? 

Fire!! (Laughs) Seriously though, I’m super proud of and so hyped for this EP. It’s a collection of moods, and fun, and emotion, and grooves and musicality, and banging beats and stop me because I could keep going!

I feel like people are going enjoy this EP and there’s a different favorite song for everyone on it!! 

Will there be any live shows following the release of the EP? 

Absolutely, the show line up is in the works… stay connected on the website and on all social media platforms… the shows are soon to be announced and trust me the live show is nuts! 

Do you remember the first time you ever stepped out on stage. Does it feel any different now to how it did back then? 

I don’t remember the very first time I stepped on stage but I do remember singing my first solo as a kid in church.

It had such an effect on people and people respond to something I was doing for them, making them happy made me happy. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a singer and I’ve pursued it ever since. 

I feel like it’s different every time I hit the stage but the feeling and end goal is the same, I want to bring some sort of joy or happiness to people when I perform. That’s always the goal. 

What is the biggest difference now being out there performing your own stuff as opposed to alongside someone else? 

The difference is it’s more of me out front. I’m a team player and I’m a naturally inclusive person. I’ve been in groups, choirs and bands for years so sometimes it’s kind of weird being “solo”. But I do love it because it allows me to connect more with the audience individually and collectively, so I dig that. 

Any final shoutouts or plugs? 

I just want to say big thanks to you guys at IndustryMe for the opportunity!

Shout out to my team Idee at Urban Herd, Adam at 45 Riots,  Rick at Steelmatic music, Whitney at The Marketing Mixtape, all the dope af people who wrote on and played on the EP and single, my father Don, mom Emily, Misha, Ladonna, Brian, and Pauly (sibs), the homie Jameison and all of the lovely people checking out this piece and my music!! It’s Automatic…Let’s Glow!!

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