James Vickery And Sinéad Harnett Join Forces For Pressure, PT II

Serving an addictive dose of freshly squeezed soul, UK R&B singers James Vickery and Sinéad Harnett deliver an impassioned vocal performance on Pressure PT II.

The release of the new track marks the first of three planned reworks taken from James’ upcoming project “Overture – The Reworks”, on which the singer gives fans a fresh rendition of his favourites from the Overture EP.

Picking up where part one (featuring SG Lewis) left off, this next chapter in the story adds the alluring delight of a feminine touch. Sinéad’s verse offers a delicate blend of honest lyrism and carefully crafted adlibs, with the added benefit of melodic familiarity birthed by the tracks earlier iteration.

Speaking about The Reworks project, James shared:

“I wanted to do something completely different instead of just putting out typical remixes for Overture. I’m a singer through and through, therefore I thought it would be so much more exciting for my fans to collaborate with amazing vocalists for these reworks. I’m so excited about the artists that we’ve got on board for this project and can’t wait for everyone to hear how we’ve reimagined the tracks!”

Who is James Vickery?

South London native James Vickery is quickly becoming one of the most prominent faces in UK R&B. With his hugely popular COLORS session accumulating a total of 19 million views to date, James caught the eye of multiple admirers internationally, subsequently leading to the London-born songwriter inking record and publishing deals with LA-based TH3RD BRAIN and Roc Nation respectively despite being born deaf in his left ear.

Listen to Pressure PT II here:

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