#IMDiscovers: June 2020 Roundup

We’ve had another awesome month for music and we’re back again with a list of some out favourites. Below is a list of our Top 10 favourite singles and 2 projects that we believe are worth your attention. Check it out before FOMO comes for you. You know you wanna.

1. Tafari Anthony – Live In A Dream

This vivacious pop anthem adorned by some afro-pop elements is at our number one spot this week because of the potency of the message embedded in these lyrics. Vying for confidence and standing in your own power in a world that is loaded with opinions may not be so easy, however, it’s not impossible!

The LGBTQI+ advocate Tafari Anthony has been featured in PAPER Magazine, Gay Times and Earmilk, living up to his name and inspiring awe. A long way away from his break from the bustle of being a musician in 2018, he hustled in the studio, with his main focus being his new material – and, we’re ready Tafari! His ‘Centrefold’ video is only three months old and I’m already excited for the ‘Live in a Dream’ video! Too soon? NEVER!  

2. Cooper Philip – Not Perfect

We’re keeping the empowerment momentum going with Cooper Phillip’s uplifting track called ‘Not Perfect’. There’s something about Cooper’s voice that is so charming, oozing through this vibrant tune about loving your imperfections without judgement.

We raved about Cooper Phillip earlier on in the year when Exceptional Feelings’ with Chaz Mason dropped. The Russian native has gone viral on Spotify and social media platforms and with over 10 million streams to date and counting. I mean, even PopDust & Earmilk have praised this queen! You can let us know just how much you agree in the comments section below.     

3. Romance & Rebellion – Think Twice


If you know anything about the Brittney Spears / NSync era of music, you won’t think twice about Romance & Rebellion. The throwback-inspired track reminds me of pop-group dance routines and space-based music video sets.

The LA-based band has been making hits for a while now, and although this track is a little different from their usual material, it still carries a positive message which is prevalent throughout their catalogue.

4. Robert Grace – Fake Fine

Fans, gather round. Robert Grace has a new track that happens to be my favourite to listen to right now, called ‘Fake Fine’. Some say that he’s got a similar opinion to Shaun Mendez or Charlie Puth, but I disagree. This song screams Twenty One Pilots in my opinion (yeah, remember them? They’re awesome). Now, even though there’s a typo in the lyric video, singing along to this tune was a lot of fun! And the Carole Baskin reference is hilarious.

Robert Grace has performed at some of Ireland’s largest festivals such as Electric Picnic and Indiependence, he’s co-written with some of the best-known songwriters of the UK and was crowned Artist of the Week on Today FM!

This heartfelt tune about facing Imposter’s Syndrome (especially when things are going fine) is a great example of Robert’s song-writing ability. Contribute to one of his 2 million Spotify streams and add this one to your playlist. Not-so-bad luck, ey Robert?

5. SC. Undercover – Morals

Starting off the song with what sounds like an excerpt from a poem he wrote, SC.Undercover is at number 5 with some garage pop on ‘Morals’! Telling a story of a character scarred by his dark past, overcoming struggles and shortcomings, this song sheds a little light on the importance of mental health.

The RnB man of mystery has had chats with us before on #IMMusicMonday: Getting to Know SC and has featured on our #IMDISCOVERS May Roundup in 2019. He’s slowly becoming a regular on our site and as he grows, we hope to hear more from this budding artist!  

6. Kwazi Cort – Trapstar II


In an ode to the South London streets that developed his characher, Kwazi Cort reminds the non-believers who the next Trapstar is. Directed by Cebiso Mhlanga, the hip-hop bop has an astronautical themed music video, set in a future where cryogenics and intergalactic travel are in the same universe.

Although Kwazi balances Rap and Grime exceptionally well, he’s gone on to say “Trapstar II is an autobiography, recording my journey from hustling in the streets to barring in the booth. Grinding in order to better my position due to the lack of opportunities, meanwhile at war with my conscience, aware of the damage it’s causing my loved ones as a result.”

He’s garnered attention from BL@CKBOX, GRM Daily and after dropping “Please Don’ Boast”, his signature electric guitar solos and solid bars are sure to keep things cold in this year. Top notch ish right here.

7. Liv Austen – Come Find Me (When You Wanna Talk)

Lo-fi meets pop in Norwegian-born, London-based singer/songwriter and actress’ new single ‘Come Find Me (When You Wanna Talk)’. Liv Austen’s created an emotive music video singing and speaking her lyrics out in sign language.

Her debut album “A Moment of Your Time” reached 1 million streams across music streaming platforms, 4 singles played on BBC Radio 2 and she’s written songs for other artists. Her acting career has also taken off as she has acted alongside Sarah Darling, Mikaela Davis and Noah Guthrie. “Thepoint of being an artistshould be havingcontrol over how you express yourself,” she explains. Kudos to the hard-working princess of UK country pop!

8. Anthony Lunn – Better In Time (ft. Rhianna Abrey)


Staying on the relationship wave, Anthony Lunn’s ‘Better In Time’ is based on a long-distance relationship. He worked closely with Rhianna Abrey, whom he thanked for helping him keep his spirits up during the process and re-instilling some self-belief after he took a long hiatus from making music.

Written in a conversation style, Anthony says “The song is about two people who have been through bad break ups and experiences and suffered in love but in life in general. They have been shaped by what they have experienced, and it has made them the people they are today, the people each one of them has fallen in love with. It’s a celebration of the fact that even through tough times something beautiful can come out of it.”

9. Gillian Heidi – Static

16-year-old Gillian Heidi is an emerging pop songstress who’s just released a single called ‘Static’ from her forthcoming debut album ‘3AM’. The bittersweet jam was written just before a night out with some friends. According to the artist, she didn’t necessarily want to go but FOMO happened.

Using her music as a conduit for truth, Gillian balances her relatable melancholic melodies with modern synth-pop hooks. Her freedom of expression at such a young age makes a gem to watch out for!  

10. Otis Mensah – Internet Café

Okay, I lied. I have two favourite songs on this list. This is one of them. This mellow lo-fi hip-hop track tells an amazing story of a kid who woke up at the internet café alone and continued to play games regardless – because, when you’re young, leveling up is really rewarding.

Sheffield-born Otis Mensah has worked with the greats – we’re talking KOTA the Friend, Open Mike Eagle and Mahalia. He intends to release a song and an animated video once every three weeks as part of his #OtisMensahExists project which is going to be available on all streaming platforms.



I’ve been looking for a descent dose of pure soul that’ll match an extensive morning routine and it came in the form of the VVN Elemental EP. The 8-track project explores the 5 elements that are the foundation of life – air, earth, water, fire and ether. Each track on this EP is dichotomous. The sultry and seductive lyrical content blend well with the powerful vocals and mellow instrumentation.

Vivienne Isebor (by birth certificate) is a 27-year-old singer/songwriter who goes by the moniker VVN Sings. The Voice 2020 contestant has BEEN making music for years now, sharing the chapters of her life in a smooth and endearing manner from time!

VVN makes use of music (and its effects) as a whole, from spoken word, movement and the collaboration with a live band, sealing it all with a vocal kiss in this journey to the centre of self. In his EP, you can find songs that cater to both the ‘blunt-in-a-bathtub’ self-care moments and the ‘dancing while waiting on the bus’ moments.

2. Fyah Roiall – UNDERRATED album

Grime-hall is a genre of music that I’d never heard of before listening to Fyah Roiall. His latest offering is a 12-piece set with a side of head nods and some never-ending finesse. As one of those artists who are made for music, his music video for the track ‘Nobody’ was exclusively premiered via Complex – naturally. The Jamaican sensation, born Brandon Wedderburn, is a direct channel between the influence of hip-hop, trap and grime have on Jamaica – thus the birth of ‘Grimehall’.

Unwinding after a long work-day with some ‘Underrated’ and a glass of something from the top shelf – neat – is amazing. The poet, rapper and vocalist shares wisdom and thoughts most of us would only have in the shower over well-crafted beats and, as per his DEADLY performance of ‘Never’, a Capella too, to only the sounds of the rain pattering away in the background.

That’s it from us this month. catch us next month and stay updated with new releases, interviews and potent culture pieces by following us on both Instagram & Twitter via the @industrymeofficial handle. Stay blessed.

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