Preyé Introduces the Next Great Summer Love Song on ‘Malibu’

Nigerian Afro-fusion singer/songwriter, Preyé, releases the second single to her debut EP ‘Don’t Look Down‘ set to be released later this year.

On the 11th of February, Preyé dropped her first single of the year ‘Red Wine‘ along with a sultry music video. This nicely introduced an exciting new project for this up-and-coming artist. The vibrant release of ‘Malibu‘ swiftly followed on June 10th, and is said to be ‘inspired by her trip to the California city.’ She is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria which contributes greatly to the music she makes. Preyé is widely influenced by her environment and the rich culture she is a part of and this track is a beautiful example of that.

Malibu‘ experiments with soulful, smooth vocals from Preyé which are beautifully complemented by the use of jazzy, up-tempo instrumentals. The subtle use of trumpets gives the track a bright and bold tone, combining this modern R&B melody with a classic jazz sound. Dropped just in time for summer, ‘Malibu‘ features everything you’d want from a summer’s love song inspired by sunny Malibu.

The track is about the act of giving your all to someone, being there for them, and supporting them no matter what.

‘If you cry with me, I’ll cry with you too, Die for me I die for you.’

Preyé vocalises that she’d rather suffer and be in pain with them than let them do it alone. It is a song of true partnership and is creatively emotive through the message she is putting out.

The themes of loyalty and dedication are key features throughout the song.

‘I don’t switch sides like a Gemini, just you babe.’

Astrologically thinking, when evaluating the traits of a Gemini, they’re typically known for being impulsive and indecisive. In conclusion, the lyric tells us Preyé is unlike a Gemini as she is certain about what she wants and intends to commit to it.

2022 is setting out to be an exciting and promising year for Preyé and her team. Ahead of her upcoming EP release, she has been met with some momentous opportunities. For instance, she was a featured artist for Spotify’s Sounds of Africa campaign in May in celebration of Africa Day. It’s great to see her being recognised for her unique sound and influence in the Nigerian music scene and beyond.

‘Malibu’ is out now via Honesty Music Entertainment Ltd.

Preyé is on Instagram and Twitter.

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